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    This Ginormous Free People Scrunchie Has Actually Really Helped My Hair

    The only thing better than a scrunchie is a scrunchie as big as your face.

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    Do you ever see something that looks so cute on your friend that a million synapses in your brain start firing the word "NEED"? Because that is approximately what happened to me a few months ago when I saw a chic friend of mine wearing this $12 "Super Scrunchie" from Free People.

    Free People

    Behold her in all of her ginormous, silky majesty.

    The Super Scrunchie is not only many things I love in a scrunchie, but many things I aspire, as a human, to be: billowing, unrepentant, and fancy as heck.

    Emma Lord/BuzzFeed

    Not to brag, but that's the back of my head. (Note: this is the "Blush" color that Free People doesn't seem to be offering anymore, but it's very close to the "Ivory" one they have now.)

    At first I just loved it because it was so pretty — it is the perfect intersection of sophisticated and juuuust a lil' extra — but I've noticed it's actually been great for keeping my hair from tangling overnight.

    Emma Lord/BuzzFeed

    We got some Day Two hair here, folks! My hair is super fine and usually at this point it gets so limp and frizzy that I'll either have to wash/blowdry it again or just shove it a baseball cap like a celeb at LAX, but on nights I've worn the Super Scrunchie to bed it's been significantly easier to maintain.

    Not only that, but it's a quick fix on days when I'm not really feeling my hair at all. Suddenly that sloppy bun I shove my hair in before planting myself at my laptop all day is ~avant garde~.

    Emma Lord/BuzzFeed

    Unrepentant laziness, but make it fashion.

    TBH, I am not the only one who has fallen under the Super Scrunchie's spell. If you check the reviews, you'll see that they've amassed enough of a cult following that people are buying them in multiple colors.

    Free People

    "I absolutely love my Super Scrunchie! I have a growing collection now. If you're in doubt go for it. Very well-made and beautiful." —HTX19

    "This scrunchie is the perfect shade of blush and it looks great on your wrist and also in my hair! My hair is thick so it’s hard to find a scrunchie that shows through, but this looks so elegant like a scarf and elevates any outfit or hairdo. It makes it look like I put way more effort into my hair." —gigi_23

    "This huge oversized scrunchie makes any hairstyle look so chic! Even though it is big, it still holds my hair in place all day! I get so many compliments on this...I’ve ordered two colors and need to order more!!!! I’m obsessed." —themonicarenee

    "It is so comfy, stylish and doesn’t tug on my long frizzy curls! I haven’t owned a scrunchie this good, EVER! I just got it in the mail and immediately ordered five more!" —shenerds

    The Super Scrunchie also comes in so many colors and styles that I was genuinely overwhelmed in choosing mine. Statement scrunchies are big decisions!! And Free People does not let you make them lightly.

    Free People

    In fact, you can get them in:

    ✨the original Super Scrunchie (available in three colors)

    ✨the sheer Super Scrunchie (available in seven colors)

    ✨the polka-dotted sheer Super Scrunchie (available in three colors)

    ✨the terry cloth Super Scrunchie (available in three colors)

    All of them run for $12 apiece (although truly, having a head this fancy is priceless).

    You can even get an ~embellished~ Super Scrunchie ($16) if you're all in on the scrunchie plunge.

    Free People

    This is somehow the most aggressively "Free People" thing to ever exist and I love every inch of it.

    To be clear, I would not normally drop $12 on a single scrunchie — in fact, I am obsessed with the 40-pack of velvet scrunchies you can get for $8.25 on Amazon — but this one has a special place in my heart.

    Free People

    Sometimes you just have to own one (1) supremely nice version of a thing you already know you love!!

    Plus, you can also wear it like sleeve jewelry and pretend to be a cozy royal, which is the aesthetic of my self-important but lazy heart.

    Emma Lord/BuzzFeed

    🎶 We'll never be royyalllssss 🎶 but we WILL be fancy scrunchie owners, which is the next best thing.

    Anyway, this has just been PSA from your local scrunchie hoarder that if you're looking for a lil' splurge for your hair, wrist, and Instagram feed, this Free People scrunchie will do the trick.

    Free People

    They also make great gifts for friends so you CAN MAKE EVERYONE MATCH*.

    (*This caps locked assertion based on a true story.)

    You can get the original Super Scrunchies for $12 each, and check out the rest of Free People's Super Scrunchies for more options. Have a happy hair day, y'all.

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