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    The Best Mother's Day Gifts You Can Get In Canada In 2021

    Because mom deserves something nice this year.

    1. A Roomba i7+ robot vacuum that'll take care of an annoying chore for them, so they can spend more time doing things they actually enjoy. It comes with a charging and dirt disposal base, so once they set it up they can forget it about it for months at a time.

    2. A cross-stitching kit that's great for beginners, but will still create a beautiful piece of artwork — and all made by their own two hands.

    The kit laid out

    3. A pair of Sheertex tights that'll stay intact, no matter what tumbles or scrapes they get themselves into. Bye bye, hosiery runs!

    4. A flower collage kit that'll give them some new artwork to show off in their home. This little display is super easy to assemble and is a crafty solution for their lack of a green thumb.

    A person putting together the collage

    5. A set of cat-shaped self-watering globes that'll keep their plant friends happy and healthy. They'll slowly seep water into soil over three weeks, so they won't need to stress if they forget to give them their daily dose of H2O.

    Three self-watering globes in a plant

    6. A Jason Momoa-themed colouring book, if they're obsessed with Khal Drogo and would probably give away their first-born child (you) to spend a day with Aquaman (sorry, dad).

    The cover of the Jason Moma colouring book

    7. A KitchenAid stand mixer, if your momma loves to bake. It'll give their arm a break from manually mixing everything and help them get the smoothest batter every single time.

    the mixer with some cream on the whisk and surrounded by strawberries

    8. A sunrise alarm clock that'll gently wake them up by tricking their senses into thinking it’s light out, even if it isn’t. The crescendo of nature sounds and gradual brightening will replace the jarring ringtone they're probably using now.

    The light alarm clock shining with a warm light on a bedside table next to a succulent

    9. A romper by Smash + Tess that is perfect for lounging in. They'll never have to wonder what to wear with it, because it's magically an all-in-one outfit. All they have to do is put it on and go.

    Two people wearing matching rompers

    10. A pair of Warby Parker sunglasses that are just as glam as they are. You can get them with prescription lenses, but either way, the lenses are scratch resistant and block 100% of UV rays.

    person wearing the glasses

    11. An armrest coaster that'll keep Mom's drinks and snacks within reach during their next movie marathon. Reviewers say it's remarkably stable and even fits on overstuffed armchairs, too.

    The coaster draped over the edge of a sofa with a teacup and saucer on top

    12. This Instax photo printer that'll create a film photo directly from their phone. Using the app, they can edit their pictures and even grab a clip from a video or make a collage before sending it off to the printer.

    three photo printers lined up

    13. A heated deep tissue massager that'll knead their neck and shoulders in between RMT appointments. Reviewers say it can help to relieve migraines and that it soothes their ultra-tense traps like nothing else.

    14. A foldable foot basin that'll let them soak those barkin' dogs until their dead skin is soft enough to scrub off. It has built-in massage rollers that'll knead their achy arches, too.

    15. A silk pillowcase that won't soak up their expensive night cream (like cotton pillowcases tend to do). It'll keep their hair from breaking while they rest their sweet lil' head at night, too.

    16. A pack of hummingbird leaf-shaped tea bags that'll give their steeped beverages an avian twist. They're made of organic cotton and are free of chemicals, so they're a little easier on the environment, too.

    17. A pair of stainless steel wine tumblers with removable stems that'll save them from bringing their fancy crystal glasses camping. They're vacuum insulated, meaning they'll keep their hot drinks hot and their cold drinks cold.

    18. A complete cocktail-making kit for muddled drinks that'll let Mom indulge in all their bar faves. Whether they're partial to a whiskey smash or just miss sipping on zesty mojitos, this kit will slake your mom's cravings.

    A person using the kit to muddle limes and mint for a cocktail

    19. A portable wine bottle and set of tumblers, so they can still enjoy some wine when they're spending time outdoors. They're made of stainless steel, meaning they're practically unbreakable. Plus, they're insulated, so they'll keep your mom's vino cool as a cucumber.

    A stainless steel wine bottle and two small tumblers

    20. An adorable pyjama set your mom will love wearing every night. They're made with 100% cotton, so they'll only get more comfortable as they wear them.

    A person wearing a long-sleeve pyjama top and matching pants

    21. These Aveeno hand masks that'll help rebalance their skin's moisture levels in ten minutes. They're great for anyone who has very dry, but also very sensitive skin. The main ingredients are shea butter and oat, and it's unscented, so it won't irritate their skin.

    22. This 2-in-1 hair dryer and volumizer that'll help them achieve that effortless, bouncy blowout that Cindy Crawford and Cher Horowitz perfected in the '90s. They can easily streamline their hairstyling process with this powerful, one-step hair tool.

    23. This electronic brush cleaner that'll do all the hard work, so your mom won't have to. The spinning wand will clean AND dry their tools, and it comes with eight attachments that'll fit a variety of different makeup brushes.

    24. A portable beach tent that'll shield them from the sun when they're relaxing in the sand (or in the backyard). It folds into a portable pouch, making it easy to tote from place to place.

    Two tents on a beach

    25. These Fenty Beauty lip glosses that'll make a great addition to their collection of lippies. They can wear them alone or swipe them over their favourite lipsticks to create colourful and shiny lewks.

    Two mini tubes of lip gloss on a plain background

    26. A 500-piece puzzle that'll be a relaxing and screen-free activity they can do every night. It'll make them feel super accomplished once they finish, and it's such as pretty illustration they'll probably want to frame it.

    A half done puzzle

    27. A copy of The Home Edit Life that they'll probably love if they're really into organization. Instead of getting rid of their favourite things, this book will show them how to arrange everything in their home, so it'll look less chaotic and more curated.

    The book cover for The Home Edit Life

    28. These Rodial sheet masks made with bamboo charcoal that'll help remove dirt, excess oil, and dead skin cells from their dermis. It also has a blend of collagen, ceramide, and vitamins A and E to give their skin a little hydration boost, too.

    29. A silicone cup that'll transform a bottle of wine or beer into a gigantic glass for them (and them alone) to enjoy. It's made with a flexible copolyester material that won't crack or break, and it has a silicone stem that'll fit into most bottles.

    A person holding a bottle of wine with a small cup attached to the top

    30. A portable wine glass holder that'll stick right to the wall of their shower or bathtub, so your mom can enjoy a glass of vino while they exfoliate. It can suction onto almost any flat, shiny, dry surface, so they can probably find a few other creative places to use it in their home.

    A person placing a glass of wine in the holder

    31. A dry facial brush by Province Apothecary that'll become part of their morning ritual. It'll feel like a mini massage on their face and help remove dead skin cells, encourage blood circulation, and reduce puffiness.

    32. A gardening journal that'll help them keep track of every seed and sprout they sow. It covers ten years, they can monitor how their crops grow over a longer stretch of time than a traditional journal.

    Two journals, one open with a pen on it and one closed

    33. An extra-large floral tote bag that they can fill to the brim with essentials, so they can assume their true identity as a modern-day Mary Poppins. It secures with a tie fastener at the top, meaning they won't need to worry about stuff sneaking out.

    A person holding two bags

    34. An Endy weighted blanket that'll help them sleep like a baby (and keep them warm, too). I have one of these and it's helped with my insomnia and anxiety, making it totally worth the investment.

    An Endy blanket folded up on a bed

    35. A smartphone-controlled Ember mug that'll help keep their drink warm with the help of a free app. Now they won't be stuck sipping on tepid tea or coffee halfway through the day.

    A person holding the ember mug

    36. This Aquis microfibre towel that'll absorb water faster from their hair than a traditional towel does. It's also extra gentle, so their hair will be safe from breakage and split ends.

    37. A faux leather-bound password logbook, if they can never remember their login info for anything. It has spaces for websites, software license numbers, and home network settings (basically, all the important stuff).

    A password logbook open on a computer

    38. A lightweight robe that they can wear in the boudoir or at the beach (it works for both!). It's outfitted with on-seam pockets, so they'll have a place to stash their phone or sunglasses.

    A person sitting on their bed while wearing the robe

    39. A mini waffle maker that can be used to make waffles, breakfast paninis, hash browns, and more in the shape of a heart. No more sad cereal bars and microwave scrambled eggs for your mom.

    A heart-shaped waffle in the waffle maker

    40. A wooden recipe holder that lists measurement conversions, so it's helpful even when it's not propping up a tablet or cookbook.

    41. An Art Deco-inspired light therapy lamp that won't mess with their home decor vibes. Not only will it look great on their desk, but it can help ease seasonal affective disorder symptoms, regulate their sleep cycle, and make them less fatigued (among other things).

    The light surrounded by a mug, keyboard, and stack of books

    42. A chic cycling helmet that folds down, so they can tuck it in their backpack when they dismount their bike. It has an aerodynamic design and is lighter than traditional bulky helmets, too.

    43. A Kindle Paperwhite, so that they can carry a whole library of books with them wherever they go. It's a convenient size to tote around and they can magnify the font or change the boldness of the text, if they're having a hard time seeing.

    A cat rubbing its face against a Kindle

    44. A Click and Grow indoor garden that'll help them create a super low-maintenance herb and vegetable patch inside their home. Now they can feel like a seasoned botanist without even getting their hands dirty.

    45. A genius Tile Mate that uses Bluetooth technology to keep tabs on their devices. They can attach one to their wallet, camera, keys — really, anything they don’t want to lose — and use the free Tile phone app to track them.

    A small square tracking tile attached to a key ring

    46. A label maker that'll fit into the palm of their hand and help them organize all the jars and boxes in their home. It'll only take a few minutes to create a label and it prints any combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.

    47. A pair of quilted slippers that'll make them feel like they're walking on air. The nylon material makes them water resistant and they have rubbery grips on the bottom that'll keep your mom from sliding on wet tiles or hardwood floors.

    A pair of puffy slippers

    48. A fancy-shmancy Cricut Joy machine that'll help them tackle just about every crafting project under the sun. Whether they want to create labels for their pantry jars or customize cards, this will make their DIYs easier than ever.

    49. A vegan cheese-making kit, if your mama is not down with dairy, but loves traditionally cheesy dishes. They can use the kit to craft faux mozz, cheddar, and ricotta, meaning they can make a ton of different recipes with their creations.