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    I Tried The Roomba I7+ Robot Vacuum And I’ll Never Vacuum Manually Again

    And it's $200 off right now!

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    Hi, friends, May here. I hope you're all having a lovely spring so far and that your spring cleaning is going well. This season, I got my hands on the Roomba i7+ by iRobot and it's officially my new favourite thing.

    May holding the box for the iRobot Roomba i7+
    May Ning/BuzzFeed

    It's on sale right now from the iRobot website for $799 (originally $999)!

    I used to spend a solid three hours every Saturday morning vacuuming my house. It was annoying having to lug my vacuum up and down the stairs and plug the cord in and out between every room. But with the Roomba i7+, I literally just set it up and don’t have to think about it for MONTHS.

    May Ning/BuzzFeed

    I also find my Roomba ✨cute✨ and have grown attached to it (it's the closest thing I have to a pet at this point). I named mine Roombie (yes, you can name it on the app).

    Let's take a closer look at the little gadget. The Roomba i7+ comes with a dust brush that sweeps up every last speck of debris (even from corners and walls). It also has two rubber brushes that loosen and lift dirt that's more caked onto your floors or carpets.

    The underside of the Roomba i7+ where May labeled the dust brush and dirt loosening and lifting brushes
    May Ning/BuzzFeed

    It comes with a dirt disposal cleaning and recharging base, two dirt disposal bags, a power cord, two high-efficiency filters (one is pre-installed), and an extra side brush.

    One thing I ADORE about the Roomba i7+ is that it fits under my couch, bed, and other areas that get neglected when I'm manually vacuuming (I swear it's just cuz I can't reach, not because I'm lazy).

    May Ning/BuzzFeed

    It also has 10x the suction power compared to Roomba 600 series, so it'll literally pick up everything (even that M&M you dropped 8 months ago).

    And don't worry if you have stairs, carpet, or uneven floors, because the Roomba i7+ has sensors that can tell the difference. It'll climb over small edges and clean carpets wonderfully, but won't fall down the stairs! It's smarter than me!

    May Ning/BuzzFeed

    When it's done a run or low on battery, it'll return home to the charging base. The base has automatic dirt disposal functions, sucking up everything from your Roomba so you won't have to empty it after every run.

    May Ning/BuzzFeed

    It'll either automatically dispose of the dirt or you can command it to through the app. The app will also update you on the battery level of your Roomba, along with other stats like run times, total runs, and dirt incidences. Make sure you connect it to the app right away for the best cleaning experience.

    The base can hold up to 60 days worth of dirt and debris, meaning you only have to deal with it every other month. The AllergenLock bags that it uses can trap up to 99% of pollen and mold, so it's great for people with pets or sensitive noses.

    May Ning/BuzzFeed

    I've been testing mine out for a month and it's not even close to full. I know it says up to 60 days, but with smaller houses and apartments, you could probably go twice that long.

    After a few runs (or a dedicated mapping run), your Roomba i7+ will generate a floor plan of your home. From there, you can map out rooms, keep-out zones, and specified cleaning areas. It can map up to ten different floor plans!

    iRobot / Via, May Ning/BuzzFeed

    Just make sure you pick up any random items off your floors like shoes, toys, and wires. It won’t ruin them, but it might affect the run — I create keep-out zones on areas that have lots of wires or plants. The dedicated cleaning areas are perfect for something like around a pet’s litter box, and I personally set a dedicated area underneath my couch, since a lot of crumbs end up under there.

    Speaking of the app, there are sooo many options for customization. You can set reoccurring schedules (and even run it while you're out of the house), favourite runs, and more. Plus, you can also connect your Roomba i7+ to your home assistant devices like Alexa and Google Home, if you truly do not want to lift a finger.

    May's Alexa with a message saying welcome to irobot home for wi-fi connected roomba and braava robots
    May Ning/BuzzFeed

    You can tell your home device different commands like “start cleaning,” “clean a specific area,” and “return home.”

    After trying this little gizmo out for about a month, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is lazy, busy, or just wants their life to be easier. And right now, you can the Roomba i7+ for $200 off!

    May's Roomba docked
    May Ning/BuzzFeed

    Reviewers rave about it and it's got a ⭐4.4/5 rating⭐on the iRobot site. And if you're not sure if the i7+ is the model you want, you can always check out iRobot's comparison chart to find the best device for you. The i7+ can also connect with iRobot's Braava m6 smart mops to trigger it after a vacuum run.

    You with your new Roomba:

    Superbowl / Via

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