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    Here Are 19 Reviews Of Lip Products That Will Convince You To Invest In Your Pout

    Exfoliate, moisture, paint — it's all here.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This Maybelline lip palette, which is not only gorgeously pigmented, but delivers all the shine with none of the stickiness.

    Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed

    This eight-colour palette even comes with an application brush!

    Promising review: "There's almost nothing I love than a nice lip colour. But while I usually stick to matte shades in the red and burgundy families, finding a good MLBB (my lip but better) shade has always been a challenge. It feels like you buy a lipstick, take it home and it's all of a sudden, it's TOTALLY WRONG — too blue-pink or too brown.

    So when I tried this gloss palette, I knew it would solve a lot of problems for anyone looking for the right lippie. This baby has eight shades, ranging from a peachy nude to a plum (spoiler alert: They're all pretty!). The second shade from the left? I now know it's my perfect nude, which I've been wearing with bolder coloured liner or glitter lid looks. And the best part? They're super creamy and easy to apply, especially with the included brush, which helps you line the lips precisely. And they wear well too, fading to a pretty stain once the top gloss wears away after eating or drinking."

    Maitland Quitmeyer

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $13.12.

    2. This Lanolips Strawberry 101 Ointment, which will makeover your crusty kissers into the plump, soft pillows they were always destined to be.

    Two photos of BuzzFeed Shopping editor Natalie Brown's lips: the top photo says "before Lanolips" and shows her lips with very chapped patches. The bottom says "after Lanolips!" and shows her lips shiny, smooth, and pink with all chapped parts gone
    Natalie Brown/BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "If you have eternally chapped, parched and cracked lips like I do, you know that SO many balms out there only make your lips feel better while they're on your lips. But after they wear off, they leave your lips looking and feeling the same as before, if not somehow even more chapped.

    Well, y'all, those days are (basically) over. Meet Lanolips 101 Ointment: The balm that actually softened and hydrated my lips the VERY first time I applied it — and with regular use, has left them soft and crack-free and actually kept them that way!! Even. After. It. Wears. Off!!"

    Natalie Brown

    Read Natalie's full review here.

    Buy it from Adore Beauty for $14.95.

    3. This SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick, a powerful pigment with a non-drying, non-tacky formula that applies precisely and lasts through meals.

    Jennifer Tonti / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "I've had a love (mostly hate) relationship with liquid lips. They either always dry out my lips, or the applicator is too bulky for me and I end up staining my face (lmao). Even if those two problems aren't an issue, it'll come off after one meal!

    This is the first liquid lip I actually swear by and it does none of those annoying things! The applicator itself is revolutionary to me; it has a pointed oval shape with a hole in the middle. At first, I didn't understand how this was going to help with application but let me tell you, it was a breeze! The hole in the middle holds a bit of product in it and as you swipe across the lips, it paints a full-coverage coat in one go. You really don't need a lot either. One thin layer dries down in about a minute.

    If you really want ZERO stickiness all day, a hack I learned is to take a thin tissue paper and lay it across your lips and then take a brush with setting powder and go right over the tissue with it. Your lips will be set (but not too dry!) ALL DAY. This product doesn't need this extra step, but I do it anyway to really set things in place. Throughout the day, it remains smooth and pigmented. It doesn't crack or peel, either! Plus, it comes in the cutest colours for every season!"

    Jennifer Tonti

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $8.95+ (available in 30 colours).

    4. This iconic lippie, the MAC Ruby Woo, which we can guarantee will go with every skin tone.

    Photos by Danny Kim and Sarah Kobos / Design by Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "I love red lipstick, so predictably, I loved this colour. It's not very creamy, but that's a nice change from some of the glossier red lip colours I typically wear. It did take several coats to get it to the intensity that I thought it deserved and to keep my lips from drying out (which they're prone to do even without lipstick on), I put on some clear balm."

    Natalie Brown

    "This was probably the hardest and longest lipstick application I've ever endured. It was so dry and dragging on my lips, but at least it easily wiped off my skin when I went rogue. And though the entire time it was on my lips, it felt like it was sucking every bit of moisture out of them, I do LOVE the colour. It's so fun and vibrant, and not nearly as clown-like as most true-reds look on me."

    Lauren Paul

    "Ruby Woo: You beautiful, dry desert oasis, you. Pros: It's a gorgeous, bold shade (one that I think really ~does~ fit all) and the matte consistency means it'll stay put. Cons: Applying this freehand was difficult AF for me. The formula is so dry and dense that to get the most out of it, you really need 1) a lip brush and liner, or 2) patience and skill. Unfortunately, I lacked all of the above. That said, I'd still break this out for special occasions — the colour was great."

    Melissa Jameson

    "Another MAC lipstick, Russian Red, is my go-to matte red, so I've been a fan of their formula for a while. Ruby Woo is such a beautiful, true red and really looked great on everyone. The formula is definitely somewhat drying, but it's the kind of lipstick that makes you want to leave little kisses everywhere — from your coffee mug to the tissues you use to blot your lips."

    Maitland Quitmeyer

    Buy it from MAC for $30.

    5. This Mario Badescu lip wax, which is the (affordable!) answer to all the prayers that have ever passed your chapped lips.

    Hameda Nafiz / BuzzFeed

    This one is enriched with jojoba oil, vitamin E and beeswax, which means your lips are going to have a healthier diet than you (probably).

    Promising Review: “I’ve tried so many different lip balms that seem to dry up my lips instead of actually making them softer. This stuff was the answer to ALL MY PRAYERS. It’s smooth as velvet going on and tastes and smells like literal buttercream. There’s also an unscented one if you prefer, but I’ll probably judge you.”

    Hameda Nafiz

    Buy it from Mecca for $10.

    6. This Sephora Collection Rouge Gel Lip Liner, which one BuzzFeeder says is good to wear, with or without lippie on top.

    Elizabeth Lilly / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "This pencil is moisturising, easy to apply and comes with a built-in sharpener that, tbh, you don’t really need. It’s about as low-maintenance as it gets. I even wore it to a friend’s birthday party at a sweaty dive bar (like, a real one with bars on the window and no A/C) when I struck up a convo with my friend Katie, who has beautiful olive skin that tans way darker than I could ever dream of for my own. We realized we were both wearing the 03 Rose Wine alone as a mere coincidence and it looked great on BOTH of us. Sure, I’ll have to replenish my beauty arsenal faster than with a regular lipstick, but I don’t mind."

    Elizabeth Lilly

    Buy it from Sephora for $16.

    7. This gorgeous lip mask, which will keep your lips hydrated throughout the night, cold seasonal air or not.

    Sohan Judge / BuzzFeed

    This vitamin-rich, hydrating lip mask infuses lips with berry extracts, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid — not to mention, removes dead skin cells as you sleep!

    Promising review: "This sleeping mask was a gift, but I’ve used it every day since I got it a year ago. Not only does it smell so damn good, but it keeps your lips feeling hydrated all night long. The best part about it is that it lasts FOREVER. I’ve had it for longer than a year now and there’s still so much product left in the pot. Also, it looks super cute sitting on my bed side table."

    Sohan Judge

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $36.50.

    8. This Burts Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, which you've no doubt been recommended in the past — because it's THAT awesome at combatting dry lips.

    Isha Bassi / BuzzFeed

    This is the OG when it comes to natural beauty products. And if, like me, you suffer from chronic dry lips, this will quickly become a handbag staple. This lip balm is 100% natural, contains vitamin E to nourish your lips and the peppermint scent is perfect for your pucker.

    Promising Review: "I’ve tried my fair share of lip balms because working in an office with air-con means I’m forever cursed with dry, chapped lips. Enter Burt’s Bees — this lip balm is not only super moisturising, but it stays put for bloody ages. Plus, I’m a big fan of their tinted range, which adds a pop of colour with minimal fuss."

    Isha Bassi

    Buy it from Chemist Warehouse for $4.99.

    9. This Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in Seduction, which proves bare-toned lips look every bit as done up as a red pout.

    Mariela Summerhays / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "Best, cheapest beauty buy ever. According to a woman with naturally dry lips, it won't cause them to flake after application (it me, I am woman). Unlike other brands, this one is hyper-pigmented, but velvety and moisturising. I like to pair my signature winged eye with a nude lip when in the office — red can be too much — and I'm always complimented on this colour. It comes in 16 positively delicious shades, so you're sure to find one to suit you."

    Mariela Summerhays

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $12.50.

    10. This NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl, which counts celebrities among its legion of fans.

    Jemima Skelley / BuzzFeed, Amazon

    Promising review: "My fave is NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl. It's a soft, thick pencil, so it's really easy to put on and lasts surprisingly well. It doesn't stay on through eating, but can last a coffee or a couple drinks. It's a really nice, smooth colour and you only need one layer. It's really good for every day because it's not too bold. For a brighter and more long-lasting colour, I pair it with a cheap red lipliner. It's not the cheapest lipstick out there, but it'll last you at least a year."

    Jemima Skelley

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $46.86+ (available in 13 colours).

    11. This Urban Decay Vice lipstick in Pandemonium, which will challenge you to think outside hues of red when you're looking to make a statement.

    Victoria Kuglin / Via BuzzFeed, @urbandecaycosmetics / Via

    Promising review: "Sure, it might be a bold shade, but it's also incredibly vibrant, flattering and creamy as hell. Plus, it's easy to layer — you can even tap it lightly on your lips for a sheer wash of colour if committing to a full-on look is too much."

    Victoria Kuglin

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $58.98.

    12. This Fenty Beauty Uncensored Stunna Lip Paint, which will give you glamour all day long — well and truly, all day long.

    Elena Garcia / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "Look, I’ve read all the hype about Fenty Beauty; I don’t live under a rock. But I know myself and once I open that can of worms, I’ll go bankrupt. So you can only imagine my genuine disbelief when Uncensored was released, a magnificent red lip. Like, seriously, Rihanna? WTF! It’s almost as if she knew I was holding out, so she just went ahead and made the one thing I’ve been desperately searching for AND she made it so fucking amazing I would have no choice but to buy it!

    I went to Sephora with my mum and told her about this amazing red lip — being the person my mother is, she insisted on trying it right on the spot. What proceeded was a very hilarious series of events that included my mother scrambling to get it off…but that shit would not budge. It was incredible! My mother was frantic, but I was convinced! Now I love this stuff and I finally have a red lipstick that doesn’t end up all over my face and teeth!!!"

    Elena Garcia

    Buy it from Sephora for $39.

    13. This Benefit They're Real! Double The Lip, which is a lip liner and lipstick in one — giving you fuller lips in half the time.

    Jemima Skelley / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "This is a lip liner and a lipstick in one, which is honestly such a brilliant idea and I'm not sure why I've never seen it before. I am a Big Lipstick Fan™, but don't often bother with liner unless I am using a liquid lipstick which tends to bleed. That's pretty much just because I cbf carrying around and applying two products. This dual liner and lipstick was super easy to use, and both colours work really well together. The liner is a bit darker, but it just gave my lips a nice three-dimensional colour, rather than looking like that gross '90s trend of dark lipliner and nude lips."

    Jemima Skelley

    Buy it from Adore Beauty for $36.

    14. This Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in Diamond Milk, which feels as hydrating as a balm, but gives all the shine you want in a gloss.

    Rachel Dunkel

    Promising review: "Fenty Beauty's Gloss Bomb is absolutely my go-to lipgloss. Its formula doesn't feel heavy and gloopy like most high-shine glosses, and it doesn't leave my lips feeling tacky at all. My coffee mugs don't even get that gross, dried-on-gloss mark.

    Because it has added shea butter, it feels almost like a balm but still delivers the intense shine I'm going for. I have the colour 'Diamond Milk' (which is described as a shimmering pearl) and wear it by itself for a more 'natural' look (by gloss standards) *or* over any coloured balm or lipstick to make EVERY lip colour I have into a gloss. It's like having every gloss colour in one tube! Just be sure to wipe off the applicator after layering so you'll always have a clean slate to start from again."

    Rachel Dunkel

    Buy it from Sephora for $31 (available in five colours).

    15. This Bite Beauty Agave Lip Balm, which is formulated with agave and rare Madagascan vanilla CO2 extract, priming your lips for colour or enhancing your natural tone.

    Sephora, Anna McCarter

    Promising review: "Because my lips get extremely dry and flaky all winter long, I was previously devoted to medicated Chapstick and would need to continuously reapply it all day. I was on the hunt for a lip balm with natural ingredients that would keep my lips super hydrated in the cold, dry months. This Bite Beauty lip balm is now my forever go-to lip moisturiser! It is better than any lip balm I’ve ever tried. It is so soothing and comfortable to wear and it really feels like it penetrates your dry lips rather than just sitting on top. If you are an all-natural beauty lover, you will love the simple, plant-based formula that is free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates. Plus, the matte black tube is very cute and chic!"

    Anna McCarter

    Buy it from Sephora for $22.

    16. This Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Rubino, which is a mainstay in my bag, day or night.

    Mariela Summerhays / BuzzFeed, Amazon

    Promising review: "I'm often overwhelmed by the sheer number of brands, formulas and colours on display, so look to the sales assistants – chances are their makeup looks much better than my own and I'll want to copy their look.

    Sure enough, a couple were wearing this Stila range and this right here is my favourite shade. A creamy, matte formula, it dries to a full coverage, rich colour that lasts for hours. It's a great alternative to my usual bright red and works with everything from a button-down shirt during the day, to a black slip at night."

    Mariela Summerhays

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $16.72.

    17. This Big & Sexy Bold Gel Lipstick in Sinful Cinammon, for anyone who wants a bit more ooph in their daily nude.

    Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed, Amazon

    Promising review: "This is my go-to everyday lipstick. It's more of a faded rose than red, but it's definitely not nude either. I love that it's very pigmented and thick going on, and it dries matte, so it doesn't move around or feather at all. I've never had to line it and even when I put it on without a mirror (which I do a lot) it looks great and never messy!"

    Andrea Hickey

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $16.98.

    18. This MAC Viva Glam I Lipstick, which looks good on all skin tones and is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to go full-on, fire truck red every day.

    Nordstrom, Rachel Dunkel / Via BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "This lippie laughs in the face of science and is formulated to be somehow creamy and long-wearing. It's the only product that I've kept as part of my makeup routine since I first got it eight years ago. Yes, that is my longest relationship and no, I have no regrets.

    My aunt gets me a tube of Viva Glam I for Christmas every year, and I hope she never stops! It's the perfect shade of red and goes with basically everything. Viva Glam I is the reason for the season."

    Rachel Dunkel

    Buy it from MAC for $30.

    19. And finally, after a long day of wearing your hard-working lipsticks, these Face Halo makeup remover cloths, which will clean your face (and dark-stained lips!) with just water and little-to-no scrubbing.

    BuzzFeed / Hameda Nafiz

    These makeup remover cloths replace up to 500 single use wipes, so not only will you be reducing your waste, but you'll also have no excuse not to get your eyeliner and lip stain off before bed.

    They reach deep into your pores to remove makeup and impurities and when you're done using it, just toss it into the wash up to 200 times(!).

    Buy a pack of three from Amazon Australia for $30.

    Me, all day, every day.

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