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    Just 15 Probably Life-Changing Things You Should Try In March

    Because we tried them for you in February!

    1. A spinning makeup brush cleaner that'll quickly swirl your dirty brushes in soapy water, then spin them completely dry within 30 seconds. Your skin doesn't appreciate dirty, germy brushes, so now you have no excuse not to wash them!

    2. A bottle of Drops of Youth Liquid Face Peel from The Body Shop that'll gently exfoliate the skin on your face without irritating it — and you can actually see it working!

    3. A pair of waterproof ankle boots that are as adorable as they are functional — they'll make enduring Canadian winters just a little more bearable.

    4. The High Performance planner, a serious planner that'll not only keep track of your appointments and to-do lists, but also keep track of how you're feeling, what your goals are, how productive you are, and tons of other valuable metrics.

    5. Some Physician's Formula Rosé All Day Petal Glow highlighter, which will give you a natural (but gorgeous!) glow, and it'll last all dang day. No need for touch-ups!

    6. A pack of coral felt board letters you can use to display whatever message you want, whether you're feeling inspiration, grumpy, or just plain silly.

    7. A cute little finger skateboard, complete with finger-sized, high-top sneakers, so you can pop the sickest ollies from the comfort of your desk.

    8. A bottle of Schwarzkopf Osis+ Session Label Powder Cloud that won't weigh down your carefully-styled hair, but it'll still provide enough hold to keep that hair in style for most of the day.

    9. A set of six colourful knives that'll brighten up your kitchen and help you actually know which knife should be used for which task.

    10. A bottle of Secret Aardvark habanero hot sauce, which is just the right amount of heat without being overpowering.

    11. A flexible silicone ring that's super comfy, totally waterproof, and easily stackable, so you can wear several at once for an even cooler look.

    12. A container of beard styling balm that'll condition your facial hair, soothe the skin underneath, and prevent annoying ingrown hairs. We love a good beard🧔.

    13. A soft, but durable dog ball that'll let you and your sweet doggo play fetch inside, without causing a ton of noise or damage to the floors — plus, you won't keep losing it underneath the couch.

    14. A calming body wash infused with cucumber, seaweed, and green tea to help detox your skin, without leaving behind any residue or overpowering scents.

    15. A jar of a cult-fave healing clay mask that you can actually feel working on your skin, and will leave it looking and feeling silky smooth.

    You, totally improving your life with any of these products:

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