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    I've Been Working From Home For Almost A Year And This Massager Saved My Back

    Endorsed by me and my achy breaky back.

    Hi, I’m May. I recently realized that it’s been almost an ENTIRE year since I, like many of you, have been working (or schooling) from home. I also realized that in that time, my back was officially starting to give out. The thing that saved it? My MaxKare Shiatsu massager.

    May holding the massager against her neck

    This is a reenactment of how I actually look half of the time (no wonder my back hurts, eh?). And I spend the other half hunched over my desk. I didn't want to spend a ton of money on a fancy office chair or an RMT. So I turned to the internet and started looking for a solution.

    May lying down while on her computer to show her bad posture

    That's when I found this life-saving gadget on Amazon for only $79.99! And it's helped sooo much.

    The MaxKare Shiatsu massager has these arm loops so that you'll be able to control how much pressure you want by how hard you pull. I like that I can still use my phone or type away at my computer with it on.

    May putting her hand through the arm loop to show it

    It's easy to use, since the massager only has four buttons (including the on/off button!) that control the direction, speed, and temperature. Just plug it in and you're good to go.

    There are eight little nodes (four big and four small) that roll around and knead out all my knots and tense muscles. You can switch back and forth between rolling inwards or outwards.

    It also has three speed settings.

    The last button turns on the heat. Don’t worry, it’s not HOT hot — it’ll add just a touch of warmth to your massage, which makes it that much more relaxing and soothing.

    And since I'm prematurely aging (send help), the pain doesn't stop in my back. I use the massager on my stomach when it's that time of the month, on my legs after a (rare) workout, and even on my feet!!!

    May using the massager on her feet

    My little tool is also easy to store, since the arms fold in and it's only about the length of my forearm and hand.

    May holding her arm next to the massager which is folded up to show the size of it

    Basically if you have bad posture like me and it's resulted in aches and pains, you probably need the MaxKare Shiatsu massager in your life.

    the massager on a chair

    Me before this massager came into my life:

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