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This Dance Marathon Raises Money For Sick Kids Every Year (And You Can Too!)

Thirty-six hours of dancing. Millions of dollars raised. Not a dry eye in the house.

I Took “Talk Like A Pirate Day” Way Too Far

What is a poop deck and how do I swab it?

13 Charts That Illustrate Your Sex Life After Having Kids

Life after kids is a whole new world. Just ask Sharon and Rob in Amazon’s new season of Catastrophe! Now streaming on Amazon Prime.

21 Rob Delaney Tweets That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

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11 Parenting Victories That Are Just For You

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12 Times "Catastrophe" Hilariously Summed Up Being In A Relationship

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Servers Tell Us The Weirdest Thing They've Seen Customers Do

When you're a server, you can always rely on something interesting happening on the job! Another thing you can always count on? The reliable service of GEICO – it’s what you do. Serving people for over 75 years.

This Is Why We Are In The Biggest Humanitarian Crisis Since WWII

Over 125 million people around the world are affected by crises and natural disasters. Petition your leaders to put humanity first at

13 Amy Schumer GIFs That Perfectly Describe Your Dating Life

The struggle is real. Amy gets it. Don't miss the new season of Inside Amy Schumer Thursdays at 10/9c starting April 21 on Comedy Central or anytime on the CC App!

11 On-Point Amy Schumer Quotes To Get You Through The Day

Grandma c*nts, butthole jokes, weird sexting... Inside Amy Schumer is back, y'all! Watch the new season of Inside Amy Schumer Thursdays at 10/9c on Comedy Central or anytime on the CC App!

Johanna Sarriot • 3 years ago

Trevor Noah Took This Lightning Round Quiz And It Was Awesome

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11 Reasons Adulting Is Too Damn Hard

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11 Comedy Central GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up Your Twenties

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21 Times HBO Was The Source Of All Your Happiness

Sundays were never more magical.

Which Historic Period Is Your Soulmate From?

Pirate, caveman, hippie... humanoid? Time travel gets steamy in Outlander, the new STARZ original series -- new episodes every Saturday night at 9 ET/PT.