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    I Went On Tinder And Only Used Bernie Sanders Quotes


    My friends and I were feeling the bern. So we went on Tinder and only used Bernie Sanders quotes to communicate. It was kind of perfect.

    1. Not everyone was in agreement:

    Disagreeing about disagreeing is pretty meta if you think about it.

    2. In fact, it was a little hairy at first:


    3. Some trolling was to be expected:

    If two people troll each other in the middle of the woods and nobody hears it, were they ever really trolling?

    4. But then we found a common ground:

    Tinder points are worth more than any other kind of points.

    5. We discovered that Bernie has ravishing diction:

    Who knew?!

    6. Magic started happening:

    Please let this be true.

    7. And things really took off from there:

    That's a bold first question, straight out of the gate.

    8. There were times when Tinder out Tindered itself:

    Naked jumping jacks sounds painful tbh.

    9. Yet everyone was always very respectful:

    Political discourse > nudes.

    10. We maybe came on a little strong at times:


    11. But then again, so did they:


    12. Some people questioned our very existence:

    "I quote Bernie, therefore I am."

    13. They wondered if we were robots:

    Nbd. Robots are awesome, so...

    14. Others busted us immediately:

    Somebody who catches on that quickly is definitely a catch. DATE THEM IMMEDIATELY.

    15. And it was kind of awesome:

    OK, it was sexy. Not gonna lie.

    16. So we made connections:


    17. We got dem digits:

    Bernie gets you digits. He just does.

    18. And, eventually, we found love in a hopeless place:

    Thank you, Bernie. We couldn't have done it without you.

    Bernie Sanders gets you laid. He just does ;)