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    17 Dank Ass Foods You Can Only Find In NYC


    1. The Rocky Roadhouse from Big Gay Ice Cream

    2. Rainbow Bagels from The Bagel Store


    3. Chicken and Waffles from Sweet Chick

    4. Falafels from Mamoun's Falafel

    "Wait, I just thought of something amazing. I fala-FELL for these falafels. Wait, I just thought of another one! I fala-FELL for these falafels."

    5. Maple Bacon Croissant Doughnut from The Donut Pub

    6. The Eastsider Burger from Paul's Da Burger Joint

    7. Deep-Fried Mars Bar from A Salt & Battery

    8. Chicken Nuggets from The Nugget Spot

    "How 'bout dem nuggets?! Remember? Matt Damon? My dealer looks like Matt Damon. He died. Not actually, but like we don't talk much."

    9. Nachos de Dorito from Boomwich

    10. Vodka Pizza from Artichoke Pizza

    11. Churros on the NQR platform at Union Square (if you're lucky)

    12. Arepa Sandwiches from Caracas Arepa Bar

    "I don't exactly know what an arepa is. All I know is I love and respect it for bringing me so much my mom. I should call my mom. Hello, Mom? Wait, I didn't dial yet."

    13. Nutella Doughnut from Dough

    14. The English Breakfast from Tea & Sympathy

    15. Literally anything from Economy Candy

    "Maybe we're all just candy in a candy store for the aliens to eat, and they scoop us up in a paper bag and weigh us by the pound ugh I'm getting fat OOH IS THAT ROCK CANDY?!"

    16. Outrageous milkshakes from Black Tap

    17. Empanadas from VSPOT

    Happy 420, you animals.