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11 Parenting Victories That Are Just For You

Sometimes, Daddy just wants to play video games. Rob and Sharon get it. Check out their new season of Catastrophe on Amazon Prime!

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1. Winning the “diaper change coin toss.”

May the diaper odds be ever in your favor.

2. That first sip of scotch when the baby is finally asleep.

Or, as you like to call it, “adult breast milk.”

3. Convincing your kids that cleaning the house is a game (while you play actual video games).

Just like your father did and his father before him.

4. Enjoying your kids’ music more than they do on a road trip.

Hey, no judgment.

5. Eating your kids’ leftover Halloween candy.

Hey, you made their costumes — you deserve a cut.

6. Playing with their cool new toy while they obsess over the box.

Somebody’s inner child is singiiiing.

7. Hearing your kid’s first swear word and trying not to laugh.

That shit’s hilarious. It just is.

8. When your kid says something rude to a stranger, but it’s exactly what you were thinking.

From the mouths of babes…

9. Being more excited about the new puppy than your kids are.

Sure, this was all for the kids... Whatever you say...

10. Morning sex when your kids unexpectedly sleep in.

Aw yiss.

11. Catching a movie after dropping the kids off with their grandparents.

This is momentous. This is freedom. This is everything.

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