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12 Times "Catastrophe" Hilariously Summed Up Being In A Relationship

We are all Rob and Sharon. Rob and Sharon are all of us. And they're back with a whole new season — watch Catastrophe now streaming on Amazon Prime!

1. You're 100% yourself, no matter if it gets weird.

2. Date night may have lost a bit of its sparkle, but it gets the job done.

3. Terms of endearment get a little more...creative over the years.

4. It may not always be ~sexy~.

5. Maybe you get in each other's space a little too much.

6. And sometimes you go to a dark place.

7. Your parents aren't always the most helpful.

8. And your friends aren't really any better.

9. But who cares? You're getting sex on the reg.

10. Every day you learn a little more about forgiveness.

11. You finish each other's sentences...

12. And the love stuff? That doesn't go away...'s just a little trickier.

All images courtesy of Amazon Studios.