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12 Times "Catastrophe" Hilariously Summed Up Being In A Relationship

We are all Rob and Sharon. Rob and Sharon are all of us. And they're back with a whole new season — watch Catastrophe now streaming on Amazon Prime!

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1. You're 100% yourself, no matter if it gets weird.

Who doesn't like their sex spicy and emotionally disorienting?!

2. Date night may have lost a bit of its sparkle, but it gets the job done.

In this case, the job is sex in the park, so that's a clear win for everyone involved.

3. Terms of endearment get a little more...creative over the years.

Embroider that shit on a pillow.

4. It may not always be ~sexy~.

Hey, unless scratchy balls and drool is what you're into. No judgment.

5. Maybe you get in each other's space a little too much.

(But, like, in a cute way.)

6. And sometimes you go to a dark place.

But it is the darkness that helps you appreciate ~the light~.

7. Your parents aren't always the most helpful.

But that's what the "reject call" button is for.

8. And your friends aren't really any better.

Not unlike a troll tobogganing out of a snatch, you must forge your own path.

9. But who cares? You're getting sex on the reg.

A common logistical problem tbh.

10. Every day you learn a little more about forgiveness.

And about mothers-in-law.

11. You finish each other's sentences...


12. And the love stuff? That doesn't go away...'s just a little trickier.

All images courtesy of Amazon Studios.