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    18 Lazy Hair Products That'll Actually Make A Big Difference

    Minimal effort, maximum results!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A bottle of Bumble and Bumble powder dry shampoo for when you want to take quick showers and you go two, three, maybe four days without washing it. This powder is super simple to use and it'll look like you're still on day one.

    2. A spray bottle of L'Oreal Paris root cover-up spray so you don't have to lug yourself down to the salon and spend tons of $$$ and time getting your roots re-done. Just simply spray on your roots and witness seamless coverage with no residue. Plus, it's water-resistant!

    3. An adorable (and mold-resistant) shower cap that'll be the perfect solution for those who are too damn tired to wash their hair today.

    4. A four-pack of criss cross style head wraps so you can rock what you woke up with and still look put together. Having your hair pulled back and out of your face without having to spend time styling it will give you that "I just woke up like this" style — with none of the effort!

    5. A nylon bristle teasing brush to create "OMG" volume with just a couple quick downward strokes towards your roots.

    6. L'Oréal's semi-permanent hair color for an affordable and easy way to switch up your hair color without all the commitment and effort of having a salon visit. It'll last a couple of weeks depending on how often you wash.

    7. A one-inch Conair ceramic crimper so you can add quick volume to your hair without having to get it done professionally — or use tons of products that end up leaving your hair heavy and sticky throughout the day.

    8. A beautiful L–part lace front wig because it's a super quick, easy, and affordable way to change up your look in minutes.

    9. A tapered, ceramic Remington Pro curling wand that might as well have come from Ollivander's, because you can curl your hair so effortlessly — without the traditional curl clamp — and make it feel like straight-up magic.

    10. A set of clip-in hair extensions that'll so quickly feel and look like the real deal, you might even forget you have them in. But you'll 100% remember how easy it was!

    11. A pack of 42 twist-flex rods for anyone trying to get curls in the easiest way possible. Just fall asleep with them in and wake up. It's that easy.

    12. A John Frieda hot air brush so you can get that blown-out look, without spending the extra effort. Drying your hair with a round brush + a blowdryer 👏is 👏a 👏myth. This tool does it all in one!

    13. A bottle of Fanola No Yellow shampoo for anyone with orange undertones they want out of their life. The violet pigment in this shampoo will get rid of unwanted yellow hues on grey, light blonde, or streaked hair without having to get it done professionally.

    14. A 2-in-1 ionic hair straightener brush so you can finally enjoy getting ready in the morning without ~literally~ pulling your hair out! Instead of having to brush out your curly hair while also using a traditional straightener, this does it👏 AT 👏THE 👏SAME 👏TIME.

    15. An automatic ceramic curling iron for anyone who loves to change up their look day-to-day but are at their ~split ends~ trying to style their hair in under an hour.

    16. A set of clip-on bangs, because you know you've wondered what you'd look like with them. We all have! Now's your chance to see what you'd look like without making it such a hassle.

    17. A bun shaper that'll really come in handy on days you donut want to deal with a full style — this quick updo will do the trick and make your bun look full on professional.

    18. A silicone shampoo brush that'll do all the deep scalp massaging for you. Plus it'll help prevent dandruff and promote hair growth, all while feeling like a salon-level scrub.

    I'm crying, because now we can be as lazy as we want!

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