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19 Naomi Osaka Tweets That Prove She's Also The Champion Of Twitter

"Why do you feel like you can comment on what I wear?"

We all know Naomi Osaka — she's a 23-year-old tennis superstar (with three Grand Slam titles to her name!), budding fashion icon, and activist.

Naomi Osaka holding a trophy
Matthew Stockman / Getty Images

And she's also one of the best follows I've ever made on Twitter. Here are some of her greatest moments:

1. When she shared this photo of her and her "mom," Serena Williams:

Twitter: @naomiosaka

2. And when she shared this incredible then vs. now of her and Serena:

Twitter: @naomiosaka

3. When she tweeted her gratitude to her ancestors after winning the 2020 US Open:

I would like to thank my ancestors because everytime I remember their blood runs through my veins I am reminded that I cannot lose.

Twitter: @naomiosaka

4. And later that day, when she posed with her (second!) US Open trophy while wearing a traditional headwrap:

You already know I had to bring out the headwrap for this one 😉

Twitter: @naomiosaka

5. When she participated in — and objectively won — the "how it started" vs. "how it's going" meme:

Twitter: @naomiosaka

6. When she got emotional after Michelle Obama shared her congratulations on her big win:

😳😭❤️ y’all see thisssss

Twitter: @naomiosaka

7. When she shared this message after she wore masks to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement before and after her US Open matches:

I often wonder if what I’m doing is resonating and reaching as many people as I hope. That being said, I tried to hold it in on set but after watching these back I cried so much. The strength and the character both of these parents have is beyond me. Love you both, thank you ❤️

Twitter: @naomiosaka

8. When she announced that she wouldn't play her semifinals match in the Western & Southern Open in protest of the shooting of Jacob Blake:

9. When she made this excellent point about people who say athletes should just "stick to sports":

I hate when random people say athletes shouldn’t get involved with politics and just entertain. Firstly, this is a human rights issue. Secondly, what gives you more right to speak than me? By that logic if you work at IKEA you are only allowed to talk about the “GRÖNLID” 🤷🏽‍♀️?

Twitter: @naomiosaka

10. When she explained some of her inspiration for winning:

All the people that were telling me to “keep politics out of sports”, (which it wasn’t political at all), really inspired me to win. You better believe I’m gonna try to be on your tv for as long as possible.

Twitter: @naomiosaka

11. When she shared that she wore a Kobe Bryant jersey after her matches:

I wore this jersey every day after my matches. I truly think it gave me strength. Always 💛💜

Twitter: @naomiosaka

12. When she was so supportive of Coco Gauff after defeating her in a 2019 US Open match.

Keep your head up, you’ve got so much to be proud of. Warrior 🔥💪 @CocoGauff

Twitter: @naomiosaka

13. When she shared this message to her 13-year-old self:

Note to my introverted 13 year old self : in about 10 years you’re finally going to open your mouth and it will trigger more people than you could’ve ever imagined 🧚🏾☺️💕✨

Twitter: @naomiosaka

14. When she explained how she's learned to tune out hateful comments online:

I used to be really upset at hate comments, but I realized you must operate at a completely different mindset to come on the internet and be negative about someone you (probably) never met. I’m glad I can’t understand where you’re coming from. 😷 Keep that all the way over there.

Twitter: @naomiosaka

15. When she absolutely shut down people who had negative commentary about her Instagram bathing suit pics:

I just wanna say it’s creeping me out how many people are commenting @ me to maintain my “innocent image” and “don’t try to be someone your not”. You don’t know me, I’m 22, I wear swimsuits to the pool. Why do you feel like you can comment on what I can wear?

Twitter: @naomiosaka

16. When she cried over her birthday shoutout from Beyoncé:

Twitter: @naomiosaka

17. When she loved these Naomi Osaka Halloween costumes:

Twitter: @naomiosaka

18. When she shared this comment from Nicki Minaj on one of her Instagram pics:

If she wants me to move in she should just say that 😭❤️

Twitter: @naomiosaka

19. And, of course, when she was really and truly living her dreams:

Twitter: @naomiosaka
Brooke Greenberg/BuzzFeed

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