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    Updated on Sep 14, 2020. Posted on Sep 13, 2020

    Naomi Osaka's Boyfriend's Reaction To Her Winning The US Open Is Too Adorable For Words

    Get you someone who supports you like Cordae supports Naomi.

    As you may know by now, Naomi Osaka won the US Open over Victoria Azarenka yesterday, earning her third Grand Slam title.

    Matthew Stockman / Getty Images

    Her boyfriend, rapper Cordae, was spotted in the stands, witnessing her achievements IRL.

    Al Bello / Getty Images

    As the kids would say, it's his reaction to Naomi's win for me.

    .@cordae was hype when @naomiosaka captured her second #USOpen title 👏

    People really loved how hype and supportive he was during the match. He truly could not contain his excitement.

    I think @cordae is counting how many majors Osaka has won. #USOpen

    "[C]an we talk about Naomi and Cordae? I just love these two together. Young black love....Just love to see it," one person tweeted.

    Congratulations @naomiosaka. I’m so excited for her. Also, can we talk about Naomi and Cordae? I just love these two together. Young black love....Just love to see it ❤️ #USOpen #BlackLove

    Another person declared that it was the only type of support they needed in their life.

    If you not gone cheer for me and celebrate my wins like Cordae, get from round me. Ion need you. 😂

    Comedian Roy Wood Jr. joked about the awkward moment when Cordae paused to join Naomi's family for a photo, and it was all too relatable.

    When y’all freshly in love so you ain’t sure if you allowed in the family photos yet.

    Cordae later tweeted this pic with Naomi holding her Grand Slam trophy.

    ICYMI: Naomi and Cordae started dating last year. She recently opened up about their relationship in an Instagram post, writing, "I always feel so lucky to be in your life and to be continuously learning from you."

    Naomi added, "I love that you lay down and wait for me to go to sleep before you go record, etc. because the list goes on forever... I love you @cordae ❤️."

    Who's cutting onions in here?


    Congrats again on your win, Naomi!!!

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