Celebrities Are Sharing "How It Started Vs. How It's Going" Memes, And They're So Good

    I'm feeling inspired, tbh.

    If you've been on Twitter at all recently, you've probably seen the "How It Started" vs. "How It's Going" (or, in many cases, "How It Ended") meme that's been going around.

    Well, many celebs and athletes have shared their own takes on the meme, and honestly, they're pretty incredible and inspirational. Have a look:

    1. Naomi Osaka shared one of her earliest trophies next to a pic of her 2020 US Open win — her third win at a Grand Slam tournament:

    2. Simone Biles shared a pic from her early gymnastics days next to a picture of herself at the 2016 Olympics — she now has 30 Olympic and World Championship medals:

    3. Lil Nas X shared a tweet from 2018 lamenting not being rich and famous yet next to his platinum and diamond certifications:

    how it started: how it’s going:

    4. Quavo shared how he started his first conversation with Saweetie next to a picture of them together now:


    5. Ellie Goulding shared a picture of herself starting out as a musician next to a picture of herself on tour in front of a massive crowd:

    6. Jill Biden shared a throwback picture of herself with Joe Biden next to a picture of them on the campaign trail:

    7. Alyson Stoner shared a picture of herself from Cheaper by the Dozen next to a picture of herself wearing a sweatshirt with that same photo and the caption "Most Likely to Be Queer" on National Coming Out Day:

    Happy #NationalComingOutDay 🤸🏻✨💜 How it started How it’s going

    8. Joey Badass shared a photo from the day his daughter was born in 2018 next to a photo of them together now:

    9. French soccer star Kylian Mbappé shared a throwback photo next to himself on the cover of FIFA — he is now known as one of the best soccer players in the world:

    10. French astronaut Thomas Pesquet shared a photo of himself in a box pretending to be an astronaut next to a photo of himself actually in a spaceship:

    11. Paddington Bear (yes, he tweets!) shared a photo from when he was taken in by the Browns next to a family portrait of them all together:

    How it started vs. How it’s going…

    12. Nick Lachey shared a pic from his "What's Left of Me" music video starring his now-wife, Vanessa, next to a photo of himself, Vanessa, and their kids:

    13. The French Open shared this version of Rafael Nadal, who just won the tournament for the 13th (!!!) time — here he is with his trophy in 2005 next to his trophy in 2020:

    How it started: How it's going: @RafaelNadal #RolandGarros

    14. Lakers player Kyle Kuzma shared a picture from when he won the NBA Summer League in 2017 next to a picture with his championship trophy after the NBA Finals in 2020:

    How it started: How’s it going: 💯🏆🙏🏽

    15. And Guy Fieri shared a picture from his Food Network audition tape next to a picture of himself now — would say that's pretty 🔥!