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    Naomi Osaka Posted A Bikini Photo And Was Met With "Creepy" Comments About Maintaining Her Innocence

    "It's creeping me out."

    Naomi Osaka is taking a stand against internet trolls who think they're entitled to police her body.

    Naomi Osaka posing at a Hollywood event.

    The 22-year-old, two-time Grand Slam tennis champion shared a few bikini photos this month because it's summertime, and, well, why not, you know?

    But after sharing them, Naomi noticed people in her comments trying to discourage her from posting photos like these — urging her not to ruin her "good image."

    Comments like this...

    A tweet that read, "Don't go too far, keep it decent, you have a good image now, don't spoil it."

    ...and this appeared frequently in her comments, both on Instagram and Twitter.

    A tweet that reads, "Don't go that low...definitely know that dad won't approve a porn star."

    Many fans came to her defense, but Naomi decided to address the comments herself, revealing how creepy she thought they were.

    I just wanna say it’s creeping me out how many people are commenting @ me to maintain my “innocent image” and “don’t try to be someone your not”. You don’t know me, I’m 22, I wear swimsuits to the pool. Why do you feel like you can comment on what I can wear?

    Naomi Osaka / Twitter

    It's no surprise Naomi walks with confidence both on and off the court.

    Naomi Osaka celebrating during a tennis match.

    So, let this be a wake-up call to anyone who still doesn't understand the meaning of "her body, her choice."