15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

    "What if Santa Monica was called Monica Santa."

    This week, celebs were talking about everything from pimples to awards to Love Is Blind. Read on to catch up on some tweets you might have missed!

    1. Mariah Carey had a hilarious Grammy quip:

    If only they felt the same way lol https://t.co/jdLfRDE0dn

    2. Nick Offerman pointed out that this Twitter user totally misunderstood Ron Swanson on Parks & Recreation:

    How sad to be this bad at watching television 😕 https://t.co/31eswlhM16

    3. Lili Reinhart got real about her pimples:

    Goodnight from me and the two beautiful pimples in the middle of my forehead 🤗

    4. Dan Levy hilariously shared his dating woes:

    This face better win me an Emmy because it’s definitely not winning me a date. https://t.co/Lz7DYifpyL

    5. Hailee Steinfeld had a thought:

    what if santa monica was called monica santa

    6. Former Bachelor star Sean Lowe made a joke about Love Is Blind:

    My wife has been binging Love is Blind on Netflix. I don’t get it. What kind of losers need a silly TV show to find love?

    7. Katy Perry announced her pregnancy!!!

    omg so glad I don’t have to suck it in anymore 🙄

    8. Gabrielle Union had a Cheesecake Factory revelation:

    Waaaaiiit!!!! They are selling that brown bread now?!?!?!? https://t.co/lPsPDX7blU

    9. Cardi B celebrated Cardi B day:

    It’s Cardi B Day In Houston today .If you in Houston take a picture of your fart for Cardi Day ❤️❤️❤️

    10. Brie Larson tweeted her excitement for Disney's Mulan:

    I cannot wait to see this movie. Every trailer has made me burst into tears. https://t.co/raErkn81Yj

    11. LeBron James welcomed Steph Curry back after he missed a lot of the NBA season because of an injury:

    Happy to see @StephenCurry30 back out there again! Nothing like being in your sanctuary! The game missed you. 🙏🏾👑

    12. Kim Kardashian and La La tweeted about Love Is Blind:

    Haaaaa!!! I told u!! https://t.co/YpS9IhRdrb

    13. Lana Condor shared her perfect day…

    I woke up with an INTENSE feeling that I should stay in bed all day, an INTENSE urge for a bagel and/or fried chicken, and an INTENSE urge to commit myself to watching scandal ALL DAY LONG. I should listen to this intensity ...

    14. …while Sarah Silverman shared her perfect night:

    I am absolutely thrilled and honored to announce that I’m going smoke some indica and take a bath. followed by some Bachelor.

    15. And Chrissy Teigen was amazed by how much her kids Luna and Miles looks like her and John Legend: