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Brazil's President-Elect Says That He's Not Interested In Taking Military Action Against Venezuela

In an interview with Record TV, Jair Bolsonaro denied rumors that he'd received support from Colombia to intervene against Venezuela's President Nicolás Maduro.

Graciliano Rocha 11 months ago

An Election Promises To Divide Brazil Like 2016 Divided The United States

On Sunday, Brazil will head to the polls for the first round of its presidential election — and the country is more split than it's ever been.

Graciliano Rocha One year ago

Women Took To The Streets In Thousands To Protest Brazil’s Version Of Trump

An estimated 150,000 people turned up at one march against far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro, organizers said.

Graciliano Rocha One year ago

Argentina Just Took The First Step Toward Legalizing Abortion

After a close vote, the bill — which would legalize abortion up to the 14th week of pregnancy — now faces a tough fight in the Argentine Senate.

Graciliano Rocha One year ago

Argentina Has A Huge Vote On Abortion Coming. Here's Why It Matters.

The proposed bill would allow abortion up to 14 weeks into a pregnancy, keeping tens of thousands of women from the hospital due to complications from illegal abortions.

Graciliano Rocha One year ago

Brazil's Truckers Are On Strike And It's Getting Pretty Intense

The five-day-long strike over fuel prices has left stores empty, gas stations with massive lines, and the government ready to send in the armed forces.

Graciliano Rocha One year ago

2016 Was The Year Black Lives Matter Went Global

Activists for black, brown, and Indigenous rights around the world have adopted the Black Lives Matter slogan alongside homegrown movements against racism and police brutality.

Susie Armitage 2 years ago

20 Answers To All The Most Pressing Questions You Had During The Olympics

You asked a lot of questions during the Rio games. Be ready with some answers for the Tokyo games in 2020.

Raphael Evangelista 3 years ago
Henry Goldman 3 years ago

Brazil's Police Stopped An "Absolutely Amateur" Plot From Would-Be ISIS Supporters

According to Brazil's Justice Minister, the plot to attack the Olympics had a low chance of success but it "didn't make sense to wait and see."

Hayes Brown 3 years ago

Brazil Security Services Caught Unaware Of Apparent Plot To Attack French Olympians

Intelligence officials in Brazil said they were unaware France had foiled a plot to attack members of the French delegation in Rio.

Graciliano Rocha 3 years ago

Obama Is Keeping His Distance So Far From Brazil's Interim President

The US government as of Friday hasn't given Michael Temer, Brazil's interim head of state, a courtesy call.

Graciliano Rocha 3 years ago