In an interview with Record TV, Jair Bolsonaro denied rumors that he'd received support from Colombia to intervene against Venezuela's President Nicolás Maduro.

Graciliano Rocha • 3 months ago

On Sunday, Brazil will head to the polls for the first round of its presidential election — and the country is more split than it's ever been.

Graciliano Rocha • 4 months ago

An estimated 150,000 people turned up at one march against far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro, organizers said.

Graciliano Rocha • 4 months ago

After a close vote, the bill — which would legalize abortion up to the 14th week of pregnancy — now faces a tough fight in the Argentine Senate.

Graciliano Rocha • 8 months ago

The proposed bill would allow abortion up to 14 weeks into a pregnancy, keeping tens of thousands of women from the hospital due to complications from illegal abortions.

Graciliano Rocha • 8 months ago

The five-day-long strike over fuel prices has left stores empty, gas stations with massive lines, and the government ready to send in the armed forces.

Graciliano Rocha • 8 months ago

Activists for black, brown, and Indigenous rights around the world have adopted the Black Lives Matter slogan alongside homegrown movements against racism and police brutality.

Susie Armitage • 2 years ago

You asked a lot of questions during the Rio games. Be ready with some answers for the Tokyo games in 2020.

Raphael Evangelista • 2 years ago

Balls don't lie.

Henry Goldman • 2 years ago

According to Brazil's Justice Minister, the plot to attack the Olympics had a low chance of success but it "didn't make sense to wait and see."

Hayes Brown • 2 years ago

Intelligence officials in Brazil said they were unaware France had foiled a plot to attack members of the French delegation in Rio.

Graciliano Rocha • 2 years ago

The US government as of Friday hasn't given Michael Temer, Brazil's interim head of state, a courtesy call.

Graciliano Rocha • 2 years ago