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    33 Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts They'll Actually Use

    These'll last longer than a bouquet of flowers or a cheese gift box.

    1. A tissue house for the perpetually sniffly person with minimalist tendencies. Plus, it's just so cute!

    night stand table with a stack of books, lamp, then a square shape house-like white tissue box cover

    2. A legendary coffee grinder that won't cost you a million bucks but WILL please any coffee lover. (My coworker at my old job swears by this thing, and I trust in him for all things coffee.)

    The black cylinder coffee grinder on a kitchen countertop

    3. And strong whole bean coffee that may appeal to anyone who loves to be extremely caffeinated and a tad morbid. (It me.)

    three black bags of death wish coffee

    4. Or an Atlas Coffee Club subscription in case your pal is always trying something new but consistently loves a cup of joe. This'll deliver some delicious caffeination straight to their doorstep with all the info on where it's sourced.

    overhead view of several coffee mugs and packages of the coffee

    5. A personalized door mat to tip off visitors that, yes, they do have the correct address. And the recipients WILL know if anyone gets any ideas about stealing it bc, well, it has their name!

    welcome mat that looks like a guitar amp with the family's last name as the brand log

    6. A novel-tea set for anyone who's super excited about their new lil' reading nook where they can get cozy with a nice cuppa.

    boxes of the tea in packaging that has old timey looking books, characters, and passages printed on them

    7. A fair-trade candle in a gorgeous container they'll hang onto after its burn time of 65 hours expires. FYI, each of this company's candles is hand-poured by a woman artisan who's a former refugee building a new life for herself in the US!

    gray ceramic candle containers with various etched designs on them

    8. A mini bonsai tree reflection pool to bring a lil' calm and reflection into their new home. Even though there are still a bunch of unpacked boxes in the spare bedroom and this housewarming party is virtual.

    bonsai tree in a container that has a water portion that looks like a pool

    9. Or some faux lilac (potted!) or some pretty, pretty convincing succulents, because you can't bear hearing yet another plant murder story from them.

    10. A funny bathroom guest book so they can keep track of who's visited the "library."

    guest book with a fancy cover on a closed lid of a toilet

    11. A trio of presentable reusable grocery totes that'll look so nice hanging up in their mudroom or by the door.

    12. A set of six "drinking buddies" to help identify whose glass is whose and also make for some extremely silly party pics.

    toy person with "Chad" on their swimsuit that hangs on the edge of a glass

    13. A bottle of ~good~ olive oil because you should listen to Ina Garten (this is one of her favs)!

    14. An adorable garlic keeper so bulbs can finally get some privacy while keeping the air flow they need to live their best life.

    cup-like ceramic container that says "garlic" on it with holes to let the garlic breath and a wood top

    15. A deodorizing candle meant to erase the funk of their fave four-legged friend. They can also light it when it's time to finally make that garlicky stir fry.

    a lavender green tea candle and a mediterranean sea candle in glass jars

    16. A popcorn maker and seasoning set for your pal who's super picky about their movie popcorn. I get it, truly.

    17. Chambong shot glasses as an over-the-top way to make a toast.

    person taking a shot of pink champagne from the chambong that's shaped a champagne glass with a bent stem you can sip from

    18. A professionally framed pic you can easily snag from their Insta feed — it's something you know they like, but it'll still be a surprise!

    square framed pic of a french bulldog wearing heart shaped glasses with a frame that looks like it's made from bamboo

    19. A cast-iron doorstop with a Rodin-like bootay or a watchful pup to serve as heavy-hitting assistants when they need the help.

    20. A guac-preserving gadget, in case they wanna make a big ole batch for themselves! (Why wouldn't they?!)

    guac container with see-through sides and a locking top

    21. A faux fur throw they can use as a stylish decor crutch 'til their budget rebounds from the move and they can replace that lackluster side chair.

    gray faux fur blanket slung over a chair

    22. Absorbent coasters that only *look* like they're marble and are cheap enough that you could still even shell out for a bottle of two-buck Chuck if you're feeling especially gracious.

    decorative tray with a stack of off-white marbled look round coasters

    23. A tiny lil' desk calendar they can easily squeeze into their new office nook that barely fits more than a laptop but STILL qualifies as an office nook!

    six months of the paper calendars with abstract watercolor backgrounds on the calendar cards

    24. A mini waffle maker that'll help whip up a quick and easy breakfast treat!

    small waffle maker with a waffle cookbook, measuring spoons

    25. Pretty soap dispensers they can decant their big-box buys into so no one accidentally lathers up with Dawn. Though worse things could happen.

    brown glass soap pumps with calligraphy-like text on it that says "hands" and "dishes"

    26. An adorable fridge refresher that'll look nicer than the crusty old box of baking soda they used in their old place.

    container that looks like a cold person on a fridge shelf with stuff like blue cheese, garlic, and onions

    27. A trio of collapsible colanders they'll never run out of reasons to use.

    square colander with a couple of carrots and lettuce in it

    28. Laundry room wall art that you can put in a pretty frame for their new fully-fledged laundry space. Oh and also, you're coming over to do your laundry next weekend.

    piece of wall art with a gray background and various laundry symbols in white with what each symbol means

    29. Geometric bookends for the bibliophile who's already run out of places to store all their tomes in the new digs. *raises hand*

    a black wire geometric bookend holding up various books

    30. A chip bowl and dip bowls that are finally "you" size to contain your own personal serving of their famous buffalo chicken dip the next time you come over to watch a game.

    31. An electric wine bottle opener they can put to use STAT for opening all the bottles of wine they nabbed with those wine delivery coupons you always send them.

    cylindrical wine opener with a corkscrew

    32. A Real Housewives wine tumbler you can personalize for their city. You know that your city is *this close* to becoming the next franchise. Get Andy!

    a light pink, white, and black set of stemless wine tumblers with "Real Housewives of Feeding Hills" in the style of the TV show font on a cutting board

    33. And a toast-worthy card that could also cover OTHER wonderful things they're celebrating!

    greet card with an illustration on it of a toaster that says "Congratulations" on it with a piece of toast popping out of it holding a champagne glass

    Your friend giving you a tour of their new digs:

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