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    37 Gifts For Anyone Who Wishes They Were On The Real Housewives

    You may not be Dorinda, but you can still try to make this holiday season nice.

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    1. A reusable tumbler that'll combine their love for Countess Luann and caffeine all in one.

    a starbucks cup that says "goodnight from the lower level" on it

    2. A customized tweet from one of their fave Bravo stars (or Chrissy Teigen) to hang wherever they do their most binge-watching.

    a cross stitch tweet from chrissy teigen about vanderpump rules

    3. A Real Housewives expansion of "What Do You Meme" you can selfishly gift to your friend so you can play it with them.

    a card that says "when you're the OG and everyone else is just a copy" next to an image of Kelly Dodd

    4. Ariana and Tom's cocktail recipe book they've likely heard about for seasons and seasons on Pump Rules and will be so excited to whip up some delicious drinks worthy of a spot on the menu at TomTom.

    tom and ariana holding their book

    5. And a cocktail garden kit that'll ensure the drinks they make are fresh and delicious — basically like Tom and Ariana's relationship. Ooh, la, la.

    tom and ariana holding drinks with a cocktail garden kit and their book in front of them

    6. A NeNe Leakes-inspired mug that'll make them say "bloop!" so many times you'd think it was the Watch What Happens Live word of the night.

    a mug with an illustration of nene leakes on it

    7. Andy Cohen's Most Talkative book, because he is the king of Bravo and they should really take the time to get to know him.

    the cover of andy cohen's book

    8. A coloring book inspired by the fabulous Real Housewives of New York, in case they've been daydreaming about coloring in an image of Tinsley wearing her circus garb.

    the coloring book cover

    9. A Top Chef long sleeve they can wear while chopping veggies so flawlessly Padma would applaud.

    a long sleeve black tee that says "top chef in training" on it

    10. A stunning embroidered quote any fan of Mama Dee and The Real Housewives of Dallas will gladly accept and hang in a prominent spot of their home.

    a purple floral hoop with "I don't really give a dog's rip" on it

    11. A faux fur wrap that'll keep your pal nice 'n' warm this winter while also looking *almost* as chic as the undeniable grand dame of Southern Charm (there's no way anyone could look better than Patricia).

    12. A throw pillow from Sewing Down South for your friend who claims they always knew Craig would get it together and make something of himself (me, I'm that friend).

    13. A doormat to gift to your roomie, so you can both ask your guests the most important question of ALL TIME as soon as they approach your home.

    a door mat that says "what are you doing here without dorinda?"

    14. Candles featuring Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen they can light while praying maybe, just maybe, someday Kris Jenner will agree to come on board to RHOBH.

    the prayer candles

    15. Socks any respectable, Bravo-loving man will love wearing as they tune into the new season of Below Deck.

    blue socks that say "real men watch bravo"

    16. Or a onesie to let the world know their little one is, just like Jax Taylor, the number one guy in this group.

    a black onesie with white writing that says "i'm the number one guy in this group!"

    17. A pack of Real Housewives-themed stickers from a bunch of the franchises, so they won't have to choose between their many favorites.

    the stickers

    18. A tumbler you can customize with their hometown, a perfect for your pal who just moved and has been unwinding by watching old marathons of RHOC (ugh, the best weekends ever).

    three tumblers that say "the real housewives of feeding hills" on it

    19. A trio of candles that'll go nicely with their winter plans to catch up on The Real Housewives of Potomac.

    three candles with illustrations of real housewives of potomac moments on then

    20. A case of blk beverages, so they can pay homage to the greatness that was Manzo'd with Children.

    21. A set of pencils with phrases they've absolutely heard come out of Kate's mouth while watching Below Deck for the umpteenth time.

    a set of blue pencils with phrases etched into it

    22. A "Craig Is My Lawyer" T-shirt produced by Shep Gear, a must-wear for the next time the two of you go watch a polo match.

    shep and craig in "craig is my lawyer" shirts

    23. Skinnygirl margarita so you and your roomie who you watch *all* your Bravo with can sip on the most iconic product to come from a member of the franchise. Go, Bethenny, go!

    a bottle of skinnygirl spicy lime margarita and a bedazzled shaker

    24. And a Skinnygirl cocktail book, to inspire them ~mix up~ some Bethenny-approved beverages for their next RHONY marathon.

    the cover of bethenny's book

    25. An apron they can wear while they're cooking a traditional Italian feast, because sometimes it IS about the pasta.

    a black apron that says "it's not about the pasta"

    26. Or this ornament inspired by the iconic moment, so they can incorporate Bravo into their cherish holiday traditions.

    an ornament of a fork with spaghetti twirled around it and "it's not about the pasta" written on it

    27. An actual Jovani dress, a must-have for any true RHONY fanatic's closet.

    28. A classic "Mazel" tee, like the ones Andy used to give out to guests back in the early days of WWHL.

    29. A "Bubba" lipstick duo from Lala's beauty collection that'll check off two boxes — one for Katie and Schwartz and one for the queen herself, Lala Kent.

    30. A shot ski you can count on to blow anyone else's gift out of the water — this is the holy grail of Bravo merch.

    andy cohen holding a shotski

    31. A tie-dye sweatshirt from Lisa Rinna's clothing collection — perfect for anyone who loooooves her but has never been able to convince themselves to wear one of her timeless dusters.

    a model in a gray tie dyed sweater

    32. A Below Deck Med ornament to pay tribute to their favorite episode of all time and have them reciting the "June June Hannah" call to anyone who will listen for the rest of the holiday season.

    a boat shaped ornament with june june hannah on it

    33. A blue ribbon to give to your boyfriend who you casually mention at least five times a minute.

    a blue award ribbon that says "hanging a tv on the wall in less than 7 minutes" on it

    34. A drama-free card for the Stephanie to your Brandi your BFF will be absolutely touched to receive for Christmas or any other occasion, TBH.

    the card showing brandi and stephanie drinking wine together

    35. A T-shirt your friend will absolutely love if they're typically the one pestering all of you to chill or can be found cackling over Luann's antics.

    a model wearing a shirt with an illustration of luann on it and "be cool. don't be all, like, uncool" on it

    36. A mug they can use to channel the energy of the best child from any Housewives franchise: the one, the only, Miss Milania Guidice.

    a mug that says "gimme pizza you old troll" on it

    37. And Below Deck wrapping paper that'll be the cherry on top of the flawless Bravo gift you just found for your bestie. You're welcome!

    wrapping paper with captain lee illustrations and quotes on it

    Of course there are some Bravo-themed things you might notice are missing from this list, so I'll let Ramona take it from here.

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