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    30 Things For People Who Love New Things

    Things like color-depositing conditioner, a book of micro-short stories, a champagne subscription, and other things will help satisfy that rush for something new.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Tiny Nightmares, a collection of short horror stories (I'm talking 1,500 words or shorter!) in case you have a hard time sticking with a book of longer short stories or a novel. Each story is fantastic but only a few pages long!

    the book cover
    Black Balloon Publishing

    My work secret Santa Melanie Aman gave me this (yes, BF Shopping writers are great at picking out gifts IRL too!) and when I first started this book before bedtime one night I thought "OK I'll only read a few." Well, I read about eight of the stories instead! It was cool to be able to throw myself into a new story but not feel beholden to pushing through 15 more pages to finish a short story or chapter through bleary eyes. I'm personally bothered by leaving off mid-chapter or story — I know I'm not alone!

    Get it from Amazon for $16.95, Barnes & Noble for $16.95, or Bookshop (to support local bookstores) for $15.59.

    Also check out Tiny Crimes: Very Short Tales of Mystery and Murder edited by the same folks for a similar read.

    2. A Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook, which is really just fancy talk for a notebook you can take notes or scribble in, move those notes online, and then microwave the notebook to start with an *actual* blank slate. If you feel the siren call of a crisp new notebook, you need this.


    Promising review: "I love this notebook — Shark Tank be damned! This is a very cool product and a great way to keep your notes electronically, but also have the time to process through handwriting (which the experts say is important). Great product — makes note-taking fun again!" —JeannieInMD

    Get it from Amazon for $24.05.

    3. A tea sampler with 10 different teas in it so when you're in the mood for a cuppa you can go on a tiny, tasty adventure. Plus, in my experience, you can go for seconds with one of these pyramid tea bags.

    pyramid-shape tea bag in a cup of tea

    I'm currently working my way through the larger version of this tea sampler and like the anticipation of seeing how a new flavor will taste. It's the little things!

    Get the 10-pack from Amazon for $25 (available in a variety of combos).

    4. The Sip Society to reward yourself with new champagne (at least to you!) on the reg. Plus, the subscription comes with info on the history, tasting, and storage of the bubbly beverage.

    three small champagne bottles on a kitchen counter
    The Sip Society

    This Black woman-owned biz aims to celebrate the legacy of women who've been so influential on the champagne industry (just google Veuve Clicquot!) while educating folks on delish bubbly. Each shipment has three bottles with a 187ml pour ($125 total value), a tasting guide, custom gift, and reward points toward a full-size bottle.

    Get an annual subscription with a bi-annual delivery From The Sip Society for $54.95.

    5. A Maison Margela Replica perfume sampler so you can get your feet wet in some new scents before swapping scents. (Or trying more!)

    the perfume sampler set

    Promising review: "This is probably one of the only sample packs i think is worth the money. I'm picky about what I like, but I'm also open to trying new scents, so this was perfect for me. The most important thing was that this is a blend of different types of perfume like floral, aquatic, spicy, and so on. It's good to get this discovery scent also because you get to learn how well or how badly it meshes with your skin chemistry." —JiaQJia

    Get it from Sephora for $35.

    6. A coffee subscription that'll match your taste buds up with curated picks for you to give a spin (ahem, sip).

    hand holding a bag of coffee on a snowy street
    @tradecoffeeco / Via

    You simply take a quiz, customize your order frequency, and enjoy that coffee! Heck, maybe you'll find a new go-to. Plus you get 30% off your first bag and free shipping for every delivery.

    Take the quiz for your custom rec from Trade Coffee here. (Price will vary based on your quiz results but for example, mine rec of Atomic Diesel Dark Roast came up for $10.33 with the intro discount.)

    7. A Sips By tea subscription with customized picks so you can zero in on your fave new tasting notes. Now *that's* something to cheers to (even if it's not with booze).

    person holding a box with the tea items in it
    Sips By

    All subscriptions include 4 premium teas chosen uniquely for you from over 150 different tea brands around the world. Each box makes 15+ cups of tea (45+ if you re-steep).

    Get it from Sips By for $15/month (or for about $1 per tea; available in multiple month subscriptions).

    8. Colorful faux lashes to amp up any lewk.

    model wearing lime green lipstick and eye makeup with teal faux eyelashes
    Makeup Scientist

    Makeup Scientist is a Black woman-owned business based in North Carolina. If you're into colorful makeup hues and amazing presentation like a Periodic Table eyeshadow palette, you'll love this stuff!

    Get them from Makeup Scientist for $16 (available in five colors). You can also snag the Lash Incubator (aka 10 sets) for $65.

    9. Book of the Month – it'll deliver a current, best-selling book for some fresh reading material once you've worked through the stack you bought yourself for the holidays. Plus there are tons of genres and books for your choosing!

    Rachel Dunkel / BuzzFeed

    Each month you're offered up five books to choose from that are from debut authors, early releases, and more. Your selected book is shipped to you. It's that simple!

    Get it from Book of the Month for $15/month. Use the code BOOKWISH at checkout to get your first book for only $5!

    Check out our writeup on why we think Book of the Month a great gift by someone who uses the service. Several BF Shopping writers are big fans! Actually so are several of my friends. I'm starting to think that I'm the *only* person I know who isn't signed up for this service.

    10. A Kindle unlimited subscription that'll let you browse more than a million book titles, browse current magazine issues, listen to thousands of audio books at any time on any device with the Kindle app.

    books on a phone and two different sized kindles

    My mom has this (thank you for your passwords, among many other things, mom!) and tbh, I need to take advantage of it more. I haven't met anyone who reads more than my mom (we're talking multiple books a week), so she likes the flexibility it gives her.

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99/month with a free 30-day free trial to start.

    11. Nine pairs of earrings to help you keep your accessory rotation fresh — and for a price that's cheaper than my go-to Taco Bell order.

    open palm with various small earring studs

    Get them from Amazon for $11.66.

    12. Or EarFleek – it'll *cheaply* feed your need for some fresh accessories...especially ones that can be seen on all your video calls!

    pop art inspired white star earrings
    Crate Joy

    Each shipment includes a cute pair of earrings.

    Get it from Crate Joy for $3.50+/month.

    13. P.volve for a variety of streaming workouts to keep you moving while fighting boredom.

    a workout class streaming on a laptop and a phone
    P. Volve

    With this subscription you'll get to choose from 200+ videos you can filter based on focus (like abs!) or workout length. You can fill out a profile with your goals and progress, then get customized workout recommendations. Plus! There are even recipe videos in case you could use a little nudging in that department. (I know I can.) Use code WISH20 for 20% off digital memberships.

    Get a year subscription from P.Volve for $14.99/month (also available in 1-, 3-, or 6-month subscriptions at a higher price per month).

    14. A book of drawing prompts to keep your doodling fresh and in tip-top shape.

    the book cover

    Promising review: "I got this for my mom who loves to doodle — she loved it. Each page has a new fun thing to draw." —rbn

    Get it from Amazon for $15.26.

    15. Or a journal built for creativity full of surprising prompts to keep your imagination at 100.


    Promising review: "I seriously love this journal! It is the most fun I’ve had with any journal or sketchbook and has really stretched my creativity. I bought two so my friend could do one too and she brings it over for our weekly get-togethers. We drink wine and do a page or two and have a blast." —S. Johnson

    Get it from Amazon for $9.59.

    16. Vellabox – it delivers a steady rotation of new candles to your place. Even if you have a signature scent, it's nice to mix it up every once in a while!

    subscription box with two candles in it

    You can also buy candles separately! This fall I enjoyed Pumpkin Spice and Apple Orchard.

    Get it from Vellabox for $10+/month (available in three box types.

    17. A Chingaderas Que Hacer notepad in case you think a new to-do list format could bring about some *new* actually drinking enough water you beautiful desert!

    pink notepad that says "Chingaderas Que Hacer"
    Shop Latinx

    Shop Latinx is a Latinx-owned marketplace chock full of cool stuff. Trust me, you won't have trouble finding something to spend your money on here.

    Get the 100-sheet notepad from Shop Latinx for $16 (also available in a pdf format for $8).

    Also check out a similar Hoy es tu dia notepad.

    18. A set of clip-on bangs because you somehow have put off getting them in 2020 (the restraint!) but might just debut 'em in 2021...even if they're faux.

    reviewer without then with the clip-on bangs

    Promising review: "I had very LOW expectations for this. I accidentally cut my bangs too short the other night because my puppy distracted me mid-cut. I thought it would be funny to buy this and wear it one day. I got it for laughs mostly, not really expecting it to look normal. AND OMG, I AM SHOCKED! First of all, it's the exact same shade as my hair color. It was super easy to put on. The hair feels soft and realistic. I am so beyond amazed. So far, no one has been able to tell that the bangs are fake! I love them!" —Jrod

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99 (available in 23 colors).

    19. A drawstring synthetic Afro ponytail for a low-effort switch that'll transform your look.

    reviewer wearing the synthetic afro ponytail that blends in with their hair

    Promising review: "Absolutely amazing. Hair is so soft and looks so natural. I've received a lot of compliments. This hair seems like it is going to last a long time. You will preserve the hair by detangling with your hands only, spraying with a light oil sheen, and storing it into the bag that it came in." —Melia

    Get it from Amazon for $14.20+ (available in seven colors).

    20. A set of clip-on hair extensions to help you try on some mermaid tresses for a night (or 10).

    Promising review: "OMG! If I could rate this higher, I would! Buy it now; you won’t regret it. Especially for such an incredible price! I bought it for a costume for Halloween, but it’s nice-enough quality to use for date nights or whatever! I have used clip-in extensions for 10 years and have never gone synthetic until now, and I am amazed."—Amazon Customer

    Get them from Amazon for $9.99 (available in four sizes and 24 colors).

    Find out more about this hair extension product in a more in-depth BuzzFeed post.

    21. A standout floral or mini heart temporary tattoo that'll give you some ink a brief spin.

    DesignsTattooStudio on Etsy, SharonHArtDesigns / Etsy

    Get the floral tattoo from DesignsTattooStudio on Etsy for $7.79 or get a 20-pack of the heart tattoos from SharonHArtDesigns on Etsy for $3.25.

    22. A bucket list journal for couples so you can figure out which trip of a lifetime you're going to go on first. Something tells me that a road trip out west is going to be on the top of that list.

    The cover of the bucket list book with a couple standing on rocks overlooking an ocean

    Pages within have sections for why they want to do something, then all the details involved with it.

    Promising review: "I bought this as a Christmas present for my parents. They are now empty nesters and are always going places and doing things. I thought this would be a neat way for them to write down all their adventures they plan to do. I will be purchasing again in the future because I think it’s cute as a wedding gift as well." —THPWK

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

    23. A snack box subscription filled with snacks from around the world because you're a total sucker for a new kind of candy or weird flavor of potato chips.

    Open box with snacks from countries aside from the US

    Get it from MunchPak for $13.95+/month (available with 5, 10, or 20 items per box on a 1-, 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscription basis).

    24. A Cuban cocktail-making class or another activity through Airbnb Experiences you can join in on from separate places for some group fun with your fam without the travel.

    Mojito on a serving tray

    I took this class with Grace and a few friends who live in different states. It was so fun. Grace was so welcoming, funny, friendly, and wonderful. Yes, I had to go out and buy a few ingredients, but it made me feel like I was out having fun with friends. Now, would you like me to make you a Cuba Libre?

    Book this class for $15/person, check out more online experiences you can do together, and see Airbnb gift card options.

    25. A set of 24 nail polishes that'll help you can paint your paws to your whims, even if those vary multiple times a week.

    various nail polish colors

    Promising review: "The colors are so rich and have everyone you will ever need. They are long lasting and look great. They go on smooth and you only need one coat! Wish they would include a top and bottom coat. But besides that they are great highly recommended for any day or occasion and for anyone. Super pleased and this will be the only nail polish bundle I'll ever buy from her on out ..oh I forgot the price is amazing..." —Alyssa

    Get the set of 24 polishes from Amazon for $28.68.

    26. A puzzle rental service so you're not stuck doing the same cliffside view of the Amalfi Coast. It's a gorgeous puzzle! But it's time for a new view.

    puzzle of Amsterdam water view
    Puzzle Exchange

    You can do a one-time rental of a puzzle pack with four puzzles you have to return within two months, or you can explore subscription options.

    Browse rental options from Puzzle Exchange here and sign up for subscriptions for $20+.

    27. A color-depositing conditioner with tons of vibrant review photos and 17k+ 5-star reviews if you're looking to try out a color no one except mermaids is born with.,

    Promising review: "I’ll be honest. When I read the reviews, I was nervous. Only because there were no reviews for my hair type. I’m 3C so for those that are natural and understand, my hair very kinky curly. As a black woman, it’s important I find products that work for my texture. I grabbed this to touch up my color and make it more vibrant so I don’t have to always dye it. It worked amazingly. A great refresher for gingers wanting to boost their color and no crazy commitment. It’s def buildable color. I see working this in maybe every few weeks for touch up. Love it!" —Lex1352

    Get it from Amazon for $22 (available in 18 colors).

    28. A Brown Sugar Babe monthly box as a gift to yourself with a cute T-shirt plus other goodies.

    the box with a shirt that has a bar code on it and says "Brown Sugar Babe" with some jewelry and makeup
    Izzy & Liv

    Izzy & Live is a Black woman-owned biz with the goal that "the things Black women love are reflected in the things Black women buy." On the site you'll find cute T-shirts (like above) but also stationery, home goods, accessories, kid's toys, and so much more. When you sign up for the Brown Sugar Box, every month you'll receive a newly released shirt from the Izzy & Liv line plus five or six full-sized products valued at over $90.

    Get it from Izzy & Liv for $39.95/month (available in women's or unisex sizes S–3XL).

    29. A night photography class to try your hand at something new like this masterpiece. (Or a Udemy class for just about anything else on the planet.)

    night sky with stars in the sky

    There are lots of classes for business-y type stuff too if you're looking to be super ~productive~ like, well, internal auditing or business law.

    Sign up for the night photography class for $14.99 and explore all the classes here.

    30. A Rent The Runway membership if your limited social calendar and WFH schedule (sigh) still makes you yearn to dress up a bit in new duds. I CAN RELATE! With this subscription you can borrow 4, 8, or 16 items a month for far less than their designer price tags for some Zoom fashion moments. (How else will your friends ooh and awe over your looks?)

    Rachel Dunkel / BuzzFeed, Rent the Runway

    I can't be the only one who's sat around in a fancy dress at home for the heck of it this year to give my sweatpants a break. I've used Rent The Runway for one-off rentals as a wedding guest but have several coworkers who loooove the service. You can check out a Rent The Runway review for that! Yes, I'm going to get roasted in the comments for putting this service in my story within the context of (groan) these unprecedented times but if you've found yourself buying a lot of clothes since March because everything is always on sale, perhaps it's smart to divert your funds this way. (Seriously though, I bought a metallic cape this year. A CAPE!)

    Get a membership from Rent The Runway for $69+ (available in three plans).

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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