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    Just 36 Amazing Birthday Gifts To Send To Your Family

    Practical gadgets, gag gifts, and yummy treats for every member of your weird, wonderful, wacky family.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A subscription to Hunt A Killer that'll walk the whole fam through an episodic murder mystery puzzle for hours of crime-solving and sleuthing fun. Mystery lovers and armchair detectives can finally get their fix since, at this point, they've probably listened to the entire backlog of every true crime podcast.

    A pile of newspapers, documents, and miscellaneous objects included in the Hunt A Killer box to solve the mystery

    2. A handheld milk frother for helping them easily whip up frothy, foamy drinks at home that rival their favorite caffeine chain go-to.

    3. A cushy bath pillow so they can live out their bathtime fantasies in comfort because it turns out hard tub rims aren't as comfortable as they make it look in the movies (go figure).

    The two-panel bath pillow in white

    4. A scratch-off family adventure book if you're looking for a way to make memories that doesn't involve breaking out Clue for the umpteenth week in a row. This book is filled with categorized scratch-off adventures (with a time and money guide over each one) that the whole family can enjoy together, making a boat-load of memories in the process.

    5. A gorgeous pack of affirmation cards because everyone needs the occassional emotional pick-me-up and these pretty little cards can deliver those endorphines in your absence.

    6. A subscription to GoSkills to help them take the next step in their education with unlimited access to tons of courses on in-demand business skills — everything from Excel to HTML.

    The homepage of the GoSkills website

    7. Some paraben-free body butter with shea butter, grape seed and rice bran oils, and candelilla wax for luxurious head-to-toe moisture that'll melt into their skin, leaving it soft and supple without the greasy feeling.

    8. A fruit tart pet bed because the sweetest part of their life (we all know the dog is mom's favorite child) deserves the sweetest-looking bed to lounge in.

    9. A subscription to KiwiCo that'll deliver an interactive, age-tailored activity to their door every month to keep their curious mind occupied with fun-but-educational activities.

    10. A 10-piece makeup brush set for giving their current collection of mismatched brushes (yep, that one's from middle school) a luxe refresh.

    11. A cacao and mushroom blend if they're always looking for new and tasty ways to integrate healthy superfoods into their diet. They can mix this powder with coffee or milk for a chocolatey addition that works to reduce stress, boost their immune system, and is packed with antioxidants to support gut health.

    A tub of the "Shroom Shield" next to a glass filled with brown liquid and a wooden spoon filled with brown powder

    12. A diamond painting kit so the family's resident Lilo & Stitch lover can enjoy a soothing yet satisfying art project they'll be able to show off on their wall when finished.

    13. A subscription to Geologie if you'd prefer they redirect their skin musings toward someone who actually knows what they're doing. Based on the results of a short and fun skin quiz, Geologie will build a personalized skincare regime tailored to fit their personalized needs, from dark circles to product sensitivity.

    14. A screaming goat figure because life is hard and who in your family couldn't benefit from a hilarious screeching farm animal to take the edge off?

    The goat figurine, plus the box and booklet

    15. A DIY mochi ice cream kit to satisfy their sweet tooth with everything needed to create a from-scratch creamy, chewy treat from home.

    The ingredients of the kit and finished mochi ice creams

    16. A hydrating Glossier hand cream that dares to look this cute while delivering nongreasy moisture in a travel-ready container that'll protect against spills in your bag.

    A model holding the hand cream, which has a pink container

    17. A subscription to Atlas Coffee Club for fueling their busy days with monthly shipments of single-origin coffee from a new country that's tailored to match their specific java preferences.

    Three bags of Altas coffee and their info cards

    18. Or a snack subscription to Tokyo Treat so the adventurous snacker can get their fix with full-size portions of popular Japanese snacks. Pro tip: Upgrade to the Premium box if you've got an anime lover on your hands — there's an anime-themed snack in every box.

    19. A pair of light saber chopsticks if they're a master of The Force (or a regular Star Wars fan) looking for the finest weapons of food destruction in the galaxy.

    20. A 1,000-piece The Simpsons puzzle featuring the entire cast because fans of the show will enjoy the trip down memory lane and pro-puzzlers will enjoy the challenge. So. Much. Yellow.

    The completed puzzle

    21. A silicone microwave popcorn popper to upgrade their at-home movie night by replacing store-bought packets with movie threater-style popcorn they can still make in the microwave!

    22. This minimalist candle complete with a curated playlist (scan the QR code on the packaging) so they can easily set a multisensory ~vibe~ when they finally get a relaxing night to themselves.

    a white candle that says "the vibes" on it next to a pale blue box

    23. A five-year journal that asks just one question a day to help them ease into the potentially-daunting task of building a daily journaling habit. Once filled out, it makes for a one-of-a-kind, retrospective keepsake they'll enjoy going back to years from now.

    24. A copy of The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook for guiding your family's magician in the kitchen through magical recipes like Molly's Meat Pies and Pumpkin Pasties that they (and their Muggle taste testers) will love.

    The cover of the cookbook

    25. A pair of sushi socks so cute and hilarious even top-tier sushi snobs will tip their saké to you in appreciation.

    26. A giant personalized face cushion if your family's love language is ~hilarious~ gag gifts.

    A model holding a large cushion with their face on it

    27. A yummy cheesecake and fruit box because decadent, chocolate-dipped treats are a people-pleasing way to celebrate virtually any occasion.

    a white platter with small round cheesecakes and various chocolate-dipped fruits

    28. A dainty initial necklace to remind them of you every time they wear this perfectly-personalized pendant, which is going to be all the time since it goes with ~everything~.

    29. A Nicolas Cage sequined pillow cover that'll bring the eternal joy of the actor-turned-meme-star's face into their home — whenever they choose to reveal it!

    The solid-colored sequins, when brushed in the opposite direction, reveal the face of Nic Cage

    30. A pack of 16 hydrating sheet masks for encouraging them to take a little oh-so-necessary me-time — something their mind and skin will thank them for.

    16 of the different varieties of masks

    31. A milk chocolate bash cupcake so they can channel their inner piñata-loving child and bust open this chocolatey treat with the included mallet to discover EVEN MORE chocolatey treats!

    32. A wacky waving inflatable tube man in a desk-friendly size if you're looking for the perfect gift to *inflate* their day-to-day with unbridled, dance-inducing joy.

    33. A plush reading pillow because the only thing that can make reading in bed even better is reading in bed with back support.

    The foam pillows, featuring support arms and velour covers, in gray and navy

    34. A heated Shiatsu massager to offer some soothing at-home relief from the daily aches and pains that come with having a body and being alive.

    A model using the U-shaped massager on their neck, back, thighs, biceps, and feet

    35. Or a reusable hot and cold therapy pack with a washable sleeve and a three-channeled insert filled with jasmine rice they can pop in the microwave or freezer for soothing relief from aches and pains or to just unwind at the end of the day.

    36. Fancy-looking hair clips that'll trick everyone into thinking their hairstyle was very planned and not the result of five snoozed alarms and dry shampoo.

    All the different clips that come in a pack, featuring acrylic resin and imitation pearls

    Your family post-gift remembering why you're the favorite:

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