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London & Paris Tourism Success Story

BuzzFeed partnered with London & Partners and The Paris Convention & Visitor Bureau to increase consideration among US millennials for near-term travel to London and Paris in a single trip.

Farm Rich Success Story

Farm Rich partnered with Tasty to drive sales through an in-store "As Seen on Tasty" activation.

Volkswagen Virtus Brasil - Uma História De Sucesso

A Volkswagen e o BuzzFeed se uniram para gerar conscientização e consideração pelo novo sedan Virtus.

Volkswagen Virtus Brazil Success Story

Volkswagen and BuzzFeed partnered together to generate awareness and consideration for the new Virtus sedan.

Cisco B2B Success Story

Cisco partnered with BuzzFeed to drive awareness among SMB owners and business decision makers, and to inform them that Cisco understands their business challenges.

Gourmet Garden Australia Success Story

Gourmet Garden and BuzzFeed partnered together to drive awareness and consideration for Gourmet Garden Lightly Dried herbs.

Keen's Australia Success Story

Keen's partnered with BuzzFeed to drive engagement on Facebook and ultimately increase sales across all Keen's powders.

Agoda Success Story

Agoda partnered with BuzzFeed to increase awareness of the travel booking platform among a US audience.

Nestlé Maggi Brazil - Uma História De Sucesso

Em parceria com o BuzzFeed, a Nestlé criou conteúdos para educar jovens brasileiros sobre o novo produto Maggi Ideias Para Filé Suculento, com o objetivo de gerar Awareness e interesse no produto.

Nestlé Maggi Brazil Success Story

Nestlé partnered with BuzzFeed to educate young Brazilian consumers about Maggi Ideias Para Filé Suculento to drive awareness and interest in the product.

LISTERINE® Brazil Success Story

BuzzFeed and LISTERINE® partnered together to educate Brazilians about the new LISTERINE® Anti-Cavity mouthwash and influence purchase consideration.

LISTERINE® Brazil - Uma História De Sucesso

BuzzFeed e LISTERINE® se juntaram para divulgar o novo enxaguatório bucal LISTERINE® Anti-cáries e influenciar na consideração de compra do produto.

Hot Wheels Success Story

Hot Wheels partnered with BuzzFeed to create a variety of custom videos and posts, that were shown and targeted to parents across BuzzFeed’s cross-platform network.

Jimmy Dean Success Story

Jimmy Dean partnered with Tasty to drive household penetration and sales during their key holiday season.

Tourism Australia Success Story

Tourism Australia partnered with BuzzFeed to inform young consumers of Australia’s unique destinations and attractions, and encourage them to travel to Australia on a working holiday visa.

AMEX Canada Success Story

BuzzFeed helped AMEX drive awareness and interest for the American Express Cobalt Card, a card that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle and rewards you for the life you're already living.

Bud Light Radler Canada Success Story

Tasty helped Bud Light drive awareness and interest in their newest brand, the Bud Light Radler, as a great pairing for brunch meals.

Campbell Canada Success Story

Tasty helped Campbell's Canada bring awareness to their line of condensed soups as the perfect solution for making delicious meals!

Citi Double Cash Card Success Story

BuzzFeed helped Citi drive awareness to the Citi® Double Cash card, a card that goes against the confusing category conventions and means what it says.

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