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Driving Attention: Good Creative is Not Enough

This white paper explores the topic of ad attention, leveraging insights from media and research experts across an alliance of publishers, and includes key learnings and tips for advertisers to consider.


Both publishers and advertisers have seen the consumer landscape change dramatically in the past decade, even notably in the past six months. We’ve seen attention spans get shorter and shorter, the adoption of endless scrolling, demand for fresh content, and time spent across multiple channels including TV, print, mobile and digital.

This white paper discusses ways to look beyond creative and context to think bigger, and explores consumer attention as a new tool to better understand and reach the consumers.


  • Tailor messaging to the editorial environment and audience because context matters.

  • Use a variety of creative executions and ad lengths. This way, you can adopt a “test and learn” approach to create benchmarks.

  • Understand your audience and what really inspires them. Then, you can deliver inspiring creative that speaks to them in their own language.

  • One size does not fit all; there is no magic roadmap for all platforms or audiences. Be sure to think about each campaign individually, and establish specific KPIs at the start of your campaign to set yourself up for success.

  • The consumer has an important position in the market, and their attention is a scarce resource. The more we embrace different ways to measure their attention, the more we will be able to future-proof our industry and our businesses.

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