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6 Reasons You'll Love The BRIGHT Playlist Sponsorship

Shine BRIGHT like a diamond

Align your video assets in front of relevant editorial playlists on, with better tagging capabilities compared to YouTube or Facebook! Target our 1P audiences – or allow us to ingest your audiences – to reach target consumers at scale!

At the heart of this offering, your brand is sponsoring playlists targeted to desired audiences.

During these challenging times, and always, BRIGHT Playlist Sponsorship can be made relevant for a variety of messaging by choosing the right playlists and content like coronavirus support content or counterprogramming. For example, we have food content around what to cook at home. So, CPG brands can consider targeting video spots towards the Tasty playlist, and we can then target the playlist to relevant food content.

We’ve come up with an acronym name that makes it easy to remember the good things about our playlist sponsorship: BRIGHT! We’ve spelled out the acronym in the rest of our post below.

View this video on YouTube

View this video on YouTube

Above are previews of what BRIGHT looks like in action, with brand assets running in front of a playlist and the next editorial videos in queue can be seen beneath the video within the unit.

B: Brand Suitable

R: Relevant Alignment

I: Integrated

G: Granular Targeting

H: Highly Viewable

T: Taggable

170MM BRIGHT impressions available per quarter. What are you waiting for?