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Conservatives have blocked LGBT nondiscrimination bills by claiming transgender people pose a threat in women’s restrooms. How to break the logjam? Some LGBT leaders say it’s time to support bills that cover housing and employment, but not public accommodations — and largely avoid the bathroom issue. The second article in a BuzzFeed News series on transgender rights in America.

A Mexican immigrant who was granted asylum in the United States, the plaintiff alleges the state commits constitutional violations by enforcing a law that bars noncitizens from changing their legal name.

A new regulation to appear in the Federal Register this week will apply to transgender workers and visitors in roughly 9,200 federally operated facilities.

US District Court Judge Thomas D. Schroeder pressed the state at a hearing on Monday to show how the law made anyone safer and whether it was necessary. He said he would rule soon on whether to suspend the law.

«Les employeurs qui refusent d'embaucher des [personnes] trans renoncent à des talents incroyables pour leur entreprise.»

Authorities on Thursday night arrested four suspects in connection to the fatal beating of Amos Beede.

"I believe it is time for companies to step up and take action to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce."

Gabriela escuchó a su hija y ahora juntas concientizan sobre infancias trans.

Defendants include the Education, Justice, and Labor departments, as well as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

"A lot of the money I’ve raised has been LGBT money."

Trump also did not respond to a Trans United Fund questionnaire sent to presidential candidates.

"What better way to get a fire going?"

The Department of Health and Human Services issued a final rule under Obamacare on Friday that prohibits denying health care or health coverage on the basis of gender identity.

The guidance is not legally binding, but it reinforces the administration's position that it will take legal action against violators.

Gov. Charlie Baker has indicated he will sign the bill into law, which would buck a trend of states attempting to restrict transgender rights.

Loretta Lynch compared historic racial segregation of bathrooms to the anti-transgender bathroom law in North Carolina.

Europe now has three countries where transgender people can change their documentation without a doctor's approval.

Update: With 99% of precincts reporting, Bataan elects Geraldine Roman to a congressional seat, making her the first trans person in the Philippine House of Representatives.

The ordinance was the most far-reaching law of its type in the county and drew threats of legal action.

The ACLU had suggested it may sue the city of Oxford.

In a shift of tactics, a national LGBT group is putting a transgender man front and center in its new commercial criticizing North Carolina's anti-LGBT law.

Keith Farnish and his 17-year-old non-binary child Kaelin told BuzzFeed News what it's like when you can't open a bank account or apply to university without ticking the male or female box. "That isn't equality."

The ordinance in Oxford, Alabama, appears to be the first in the country to criminalize transgender people who use restrooms that match their gender identity in places of public accommodation.

A new anti-LGBT law in North Carolina bans transgender people from using restrooms in government buildings that match their gender identity.

"It felt like a walk of shame."

CJ Palmer has been denied bail a second time.

You may not realize it, but the person on the other side of your customer service phone call might be transgender. On calls, Filipino workers can safely adopt women's voices, names, and clothing, all while earning a decent wage. But their success at work doesn't protect them from the discrimination they face outside of it.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission officials told BuzzFeed News that transgender workers who have faced discrimination in the workplace can file a federal claim.

Seamus Johnston had sued the University of Pittsburgh in federal court, claiming that banning him from the male locker room violated his Constitutional and civil rights.

"I feel so grateful, and I hope that I can open doors for other trans guys."

The House 2 bill, passed on Wednesday, bans transgender people from using certain restrooms.

A jury found there was a business interest in CSL Plasma turning away Lisa Scott.

Raffi Freedman-Gurspan is now the White House’s main point of contact for LGBT groups on all issues.

Gov. Bill Haslam is worried that if lawmakers pass a bill to ban transgender students from certain restrooms, public schools could lose federal funding, his spokesperson told BuzzFeed News.

The bill would have made Dennis Daugaard's state the first in the U.S. to ban transgender students from using school restrooms that correspond with their gender identity.

“We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind,” the company told BuzzFeed News.

Dozens of psychotherapists have called on Britain's biggest professional body for therapists to acknowledge that trans people are subjected to attempts to "cure" them.

The school, which made headlines as a symbol of Indonesia's religious pluralism, has been closed amid an unprecedented wave of anti-LGBT rhetoric in the country.

HB 1008 seeks to ban transgender students from using school restrooms and locker rooms that correspond with their gender identity. The measure was passed by the state senate Tuesday after being passed by the state house last week.

How an undocumented transgender Latina woman named Jennicet Gutiérrez cut off the most powerful man in the world at a 2015 White House celebration of LGBT victories — and why, in 2016, she has no plans to stop disrupting.

Activists and officials worry that the bills, which would ban transgender people from public restrooms that correspond with their gender identity, are part of a strategy to pass similar legislation at the ballot this fall.

Charlene Lauderdale was denied coverage for the procedures by her private insurance firm, which is funded through Medicare. But for the first time this month, a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services panel found that the insurance provider must cover the procedures.

Three judges at the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals considered Gavin Grimm's case, asking whether existing federal laws allow transgender students to use restrooms that reflect their gender identity.

Britney Austin had alleged her employer used slurs, denied her access to the women's restroom, and refused to change her name on company records.

“I can think of no group that suffers more discrimination than trans people," said the committee chair.

Trans sex workers in Olongapo, Philippines still don’t disclose their trans status to clients, even though a U.S. Marine was recently convicted of killing a Filipina sex worker upon discovering she was trans. Since the conviction — for the lesser charge of homicide — locals are eager to reestablish normal relations with U.S. troops. But will sex workers remain vulnerable?

The story of how a group of trans women vanished in the midst of El Salvador's civil war has been passed down from generation to generation, creating a legend that gave them a place in the history of a country that often seems to wish they would disappear. BuzzFeed News' J. Lester Feder set out to document the mysterious incident for the first time.

"They’re dressed as a woman, but it’s a man’s driver’s license."

The Arcus Foundation and several other groups said Tuesday they will lead a five-year funding initiative to boost the transgender movement in the U.S. and poorer and developing nations.

Joanne Latham was found hanging in her cell, the Prison Service confirmed. "After receiving no response from her, staff requested permission to enter the cell."

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