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These Trans People Are Taking Selfies To Celebrate Transgender Day Of Visibility

On the sixth annual celebration of trans visibility, BuzzFeed News asked some young trans people to explain why it's so important to them.

Today is International Transgender Day of Visibility.

"Trans people, especially non binary people, just have little to no representation in the media. In real life our identities and are invalidated and laughed at. This day is important to show we do exist and our identities are real and valid." – @tinyflowerliam

Rachel Crandall, a trans activist from Michigan, USA, founded the day to provide a positive, affirming celebration for trans people.

"I went on Facebook and I was thinking...whenever I hear about our community, it seems to be from Remembrance Day [intended to remember the trans victims of hate crimes] which is always so negative because it's about people who were killed," Crandell explained in 2009. "So one night I couldn't sleep and I decided why don't I try to do something about that. I thought, why doesn't someone do it? Then I thought, why isn't that someone me?"

A few months later, International Transgender Day of Visibility was born.

Happy #transdayofvisibility!No matter how you present,it doesn't invalid your identity.Stay safe and have a great day

"This day is important to me because many folks in the trans community go both unseen and unheard, even shoved aside because they don't fit the gender binary, or even whatever conventional images others have of trans people." – @JJsBAdventure

Crandell spread the word on Facebook.

it's ur fave n.b androgynous intersectional feminist!! 🌵 #transdayofvisibility

"Trans and non-binary people's stories and issues are ignored and dismissed by society to the point where many people claim we do not exist and today allows all of us to realise that there is nothing wrong with not being cisgendered. Our preferred pronouns are a requirement NOT a suggestion. Our gender is who we are and is not to be erased by society." – @sandorcleganes

Events started popping up across the US.

scopo// I'm here! #transdayofvisibility

"This day is important to me because a lot of (non-binary) trans people can't be who they are in fear of judgement and harassment. But they should be able to be who they are and be happy and live free." – @peculiarplanets

And then across the world.

Idk what my gender is but here I am #transdayofvisibility

"It's important that our gender isn't silenced, it's not a preference, it's part of who we are." – @femmepizza

Today, #TransDayOfVisibility has been trending on Twitter in the UK.

trans day of visibility #transdayofvisibility

"There are a lot of closeted or not so visible trans folk and so it's not about aspiration, it's about disempowered people saying, 'Hey, this is possible.'" – @ThatWrongLove

And trans people have been celebrating visibility in the most immediate, far-reaching way.

its ya girl !! its ya boy !! its ya who-the-f-knows !! genderfluid is a-okay #transdayofvisibility

"Having struggled fitting into the gender binary, it's good to know you're not alone and kinda confirms you're completely normal." – @pansyprxp

By taking selfies, posting them online, and sharing their thoughts.

happy #transdayofvisibility y'all 💖💙

"It matters to me because the trans community is shamed and ignored a lot even WITHIN the lgbtqai+ community and it's important that trans people recognize their own beauty and self-worth in a world where our identities are often invalidated." – @skylerwhite

BuzzFeed wanted to know more, and to find out why this day means so much.

queer boy beauty #transdayofvisibility

"Trans day of visibility matters so much to me as we are living in a world that is constantly ignoring or rejecting trans people like myself, today is a day where we can celebrate each other and raise awareness of the fact that we exist, we deserve to be respected and we are beautiful." – @beardelacreme

This is why. Because it's not just about seeing, but about hearing and listening and celebrating.

Your local alien transgender woman. #TDOV #transdayofvisibility

"Us transgender people we struggle so much accepting ourselves because of the lack of representation. Therefore being more visible enables transgender youth to at least know that transidentity is not something to be ashamed of." – @UtaStix