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This Is How Trans People And Their Allies Are Reacting To That North Carolina Bill

The House 2 bill, passed on Wednesday, bans transgender people from using certain restrooms.

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory signed a bill into law on Wednesday which overrides local LGBT nondiscrimination measures within the state:

I signed bipartisan legislation to stop the breach of basic privacy and etiquette, ensure privacy in bathrooms and locker rooms.

The House voted 83–25 in favor of the bill with the Senate later voting 32–0 that evening, only after the Democrats walked out of the session.

This morning, "North Carolina" was trending on twitter with people sharing their reactions to the controversial vote.


The H2 bill, which bans trans people from using bathrooms that do not match their birth gender, sparked an immediate response from the trans community:

@PatMcCroryNC It's now the law for me to share a restroom with your wife. #HB2 #trans #NorthCarolina #shameonNC

@PatMcCroryNC sweet. I'll see y'all in the men's room. Hope you don't mind me checking y'all out. See you soon boys!

So I guess if I'm ever in N Carolina, I'll just...uh...pee on the sidewalk? It's about the same legality as me using a women's room there

Just some mo(u)rning feelings about #HB2. #peeingwhiletrans

Many people shared selfies to demonstrate how ridiculous it would be if they were forced to use a certain bathroom:

@PatMcCroryNC signed a worthless piece of propaganda born out of fear mongering. I don't belong in women's restrooms

@cuteangiie @PatMcCroryNC then you're not very smart. You now are saying this person should be in women's room

@PatMcCroryNC so you would prefer Michael here go in the "people with vaginas" bathroom I guess.

Some business owners, politicians, and North Carolina natives added their voices to the conversation with #WeAreNotThis:

People of North Carolina right now are like #WeAreNotThis

At #RedHat we strongly value diversity: HB#2 is a clear step backwards. Sad day. #WeAreNotThis

For what it's worth, our bathrooms are for everyone all the time. #WeAreNotThis

The NC action removing discrimination protection wasn't based on hate. It was based on ignorance, fear & bad governing. #WeAreNotThis

#WeAreNotThis (unless we're talking about ADORABLE, which we/I are/am.)

Every time I think NC can't get any worse under @PatMcCroryNC ...disgusted! #WeAreNotThis

Activist and Orange Is the new Black actress Laverne Cox voiced her opposition as well:

I am so disappointed in the governor and legislature of North Carolina. Overturn #HB2. #translivesmatter

Overturn #HB2 #translivesmatter

Some targeted their anger directly at Gov. McCrory, bombarding his Twitter feed with photoshopped images, GIFs and memes:

@PatMcCroryNC The North Carolina Economic Development Partnership office, in a few weeks..

.@PatMcCroryNC You are a terrible, horrible person and you're about to lose sooo much money.

* Raises hand *

On top of the discrimination against LGBTQ citizens, #HB2 attacks vets, the handicapped and those who earn min wage.

Google tweeted their opposition to the bill:

We believe in equal rights and equal treatment for all. This North Carolina law is misguided & wrong. #WeAreNotThis

And the Gov. of Montana was ready with this response:

Dear North Carolina: We're open for business...for everyone. Sincerely, Montana #ChooseMontana #MTPol #NCPol

This post will continue to be updated as the story progresses. Read more details about the bill here.