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Lyca Money Trail

Can You Understand Lycamobile's Web Of Financial Mystery?

Lycamobile's business practices are so bizarre that even its own auditors can't understand the movement of hundreds of millions of pounds around its sprawling offshore empire. Can you?

Can You Tell An Alleged Money-Laundering HQ From A Random Shit Building?

Now you too can be an investigative journalist!

These Are The Ghost Companies Paying Lycamobile Millions

Abandoned offices, PO boxes, building sites, and fake addresses. We visited the ghost companies that French prosecutors suspect funnelled tens of millions of euros into the accounts of the telecoms giant Lycamobile.

Tories’ Biggest Donor Lycamobile Raided In Criminal Money-Laundering Probe

Nineteen people have been arrested and nine of them charged with money laundering after BuzzFeed News revealed Lycamobile’s “deeply suspicious” cash movements.

The Conservatives Are Still Taking Cash From "Deeply Suspicious" Donor

David Cameron's party reported fresh donations of £217,500 from Lycamobile weeks after BuzzFeed News revealed the telecoms giant's "deeply suspicious" business practices.

Labour Demands Tories Stop Accepting Donations From Lycamobile

The party has written to Conservative chair Lord Feldman following an investigation by BuzzFeed News.

Lycamobile Reported To Cops For "Money Laundering"

Lycamobile's main telecoms rival reported its suspicious money movements to the police after corporate spies were hired to tail its bagmen, BuzzFeed News can reveal.

Lycamobile's Offshore Empire Is Embroiled In Sri Lanka's Hunt For Stolen Assets

A BuzzFeed News investigation uncovers secret details of a "shady" deal between the offshore empire of a major Tory donor and the nephew of the former Sri Lankan president accused of corruption and war crimes.

Boris Johnson Ignores Questions Over Donors – And Then Walks Into Donors Lounge

Lycamobile, which has continuously avoided paying corporation tax and has been exposed by BuzzFeed News for depositing rucksacks full of cash across London, donated to his mayoral campaign in 2012.

16 Things You Need To Know About Lycamobile's Links To The Tories

This is how the firm that deposits up to £1 million a week at the Post Office in rucksacks full of cash bought its way into the Tory elite.

Follow This Tory Donor's Crazy Cash Trail In 20 GIFs And Pictures

How Lyca's bagmen ferried rucksacks full of cash all over London.

This Tory Donor Was Secretly Filmed Dropping Cash-Stuffed Rucksacks At Post Offices

BuzzFeed News followed three bagmen from Lycamobile as they made "deeply suspicious" six-figure daily cash deposits at the Post Office.

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