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WWF Executives Were Warned Of Widespread Atrocities By Anti-Poaching Rangers The Charity Funded

A report sent to the global mega-charity’s director and board raised alarm about “accelerating” allegations of abuses being carried out “in connivance with and under the watchful eyes of WWF staff.”

Katie J.M. Baker 26 days ago

The US Government Spent Millions Funding WWF-Backed Forces Accused Of Torture and Murder

The government is reviewing conservation grants worth $125 million after a BuzzFeed News investigation exposed how WWF-backed guards tortured and killed people.

Katie J.M. Baker One month ago

Germany Has Frozen Funding For Wildlife Charity WWF Amid Ongoing Human Rights Investigations

The country’s taxpayers have sent the global mega-charity tens of millions of euros — but the government has now frozen funds after BuzzFeed News exposed how anti-poaching guards backed by WWF have tortured, raped, and killed people.

Marcus Engert 3 months ago

WWF Is Investigating Two More Alleged Murders At A Park Where Rangers Are Accused Of Rape And Torture

The World Wide Fund for Nature is investigating an alleged double murder at a park it manages where rangers have already been accused of gang rape and torture. The global mega-charity said it is “deeply concerned for those affected by alleged abuse.”

Tom Warren 3 months ago

Leaked Report: WWF-Backed Guards Raped Pregnant Women And Tortured Villagers At A Wildlife Park Funded By The US Government

Anti-poaching guards backed by the World Wide Fund for Nature have gang-raped women and tortured villagers by tying their penises with fishing lines, according to the charity’s own investigators. WWF told its partners to treat the findings in a “non-public fashion.”

Tom Warren 4 months ago

Boris Johnson Held A Secretive Dinner At A Restaurant Owned By Donors Accused Of Money Laundering

The favourite to be Britain’s next prime minister ate at an Italian joint owned by Lycamobile — former donors who stand accused of money laundering.

Tom Warren 4 months ago

Lawmakers Demand Internal Documents From WWF In Human Rights Probe Following BuzzFeed News Investigation

“Questions remain regarding the extent to which WWF was aware that entities it funded and equipped may have committed a wide range of human rights abuses."

Katie J.M. Baker 4 months ago

Lawmakers Expand Inquiry Into Whether The US Funds Anti-Poaching Forces Accused Of Human Rights Abuses

In the wake of BuzzFeed News revelations that the World Wide Fund for Nature supports forces that have tortured and killed people, a congressional committee is investigating whether US government funding played a role.

Tom Warren 5 months ago

Police Raided A Bank After Secret Files Revealed Slush Funds Linked To The Kremlin, Organized Crime, And ISIS

The FBME Bank in Cyprus was raided by police on suspicion of money laundering. A BuzzFeed News investigation from last winter revealed a farcical scramble inside FBME to conceal incriminating information — while some of the planet's most prestigious accountants and lawyers used their powers to keep the bank in business.

Tom Warren 5 months ago

Lawmakers Seek Review Of Whether US Funds Anti-Poaching Forces Accused of Human Rights Abuses

“The United States must not be party to violations of basic human rights,” a bipartisan committee wrote, citing a BuzzFeed News investigation.

Katie J.M. Baker 6 months ago

WWF Must Overhaul Its Human Rights Policies, A German Investigation Has Found

WWF Germany has been warned of human rights failings by an independent investigation launched after BuzzFeed News exposed how anti-poaching forces funded by the global charity have tortured and killed people.

Tom Warren 6 months ago

WWF Has Hired A Former Top UN Human Rights Official To Oversee Investigation Into Abuses Exposed By BuzzFeed News

The appointment comes amid mounting criticism from indigenous rights groups of the charity’s response to evidence that anti-poaching forces it funds have tortured and killed people.

Tom Warren 7 months ago

Britain’s Charity Regulator Is Formally Investigating WWF Over Alleged Human Rights Abuses

The UK Charity Commission has launched an investigation after BuzzFeed News exposed evidence that anti-poaching guards backed by the World Wide Fund for Nature have tortured and killed people.

Tom Warren 7 months ago

Susan Sarandon Is Demanding An "In-Depth" Investigation Into The Allegations Against WWF

The actor is a longtime campaigner and fundraiser for the charity, having fronted its campaigns and donated memorabilia for a WWF auction.

Tom Warren 8 months ago

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation: WWF Must Fully Investigate “Extremely Concerning” Human Rights Allegations

The actor shared his 2016 Golden Globe with “indigenous communities around the world” – but he is a prominent public backer and board member of the international mega-charity implicated in human rights abuses.

Katie J.M. Baker 8 months ago

Britain’s Charity Regulator Will Grill WWF Over “Appalling Atrocities”

“The appalling atrocities and human rights abuses that have been alleged here are at odds with everything we associate with charity.”

Tom Warren 8 months ago

WWF Says Indigenous People Want This Park. An Internal Report Says Some Fear Forest Ranger “Repression.”

The World Wide Fund for Nature claimed indigenous people supported a new national park in a filing to European Union funders — but concerns that the development would drive locals off their land and subject them to mistreatment by forest rangers are omitted from the document, obtained by BuzzFeed News.

Katie J.M. Baker 8 months ago

Senior US Lawmakers Are Calling For An Urgent Review Of WWF Funding Following A BuzzFeed News Investigation

“These are shocking reports which, if true, should trigger an immediate and thorough review of these programs.”

Katie J.M. Baker 8 months ago

A Leaked Report Shows WWF Was Warned Years Ago Of “Frightening” Abuses

The wildlife charity said it would investigate evidence of violence against indigenous people uncovered by BuzzFeed News. But internal documents reveal WWF had already commissioned an investigation that warned of human rights abuses in 2015.

Katie J.M. Baker 8 months ago