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Scream Into Your Phone And We'll Tell You Where Your Next Vacation Should Be

Make sure you're not in a library when you try this quiz.

Michelle No One year ago

13 Things I Learned When I Was Diagnosed With Cancer

Everyone copes differently. I printed my skeleton out.

Paul Curry One year ago

How Many Pasta Shapes Can You Actually Name?

This quiz is harder than undercooked rigatoni.

Paul Curry 2 years ago
Louise Ridley 2 years ago

The Most Annoyingly Addictive Capital City Quiz You'll Ever Take

Nothing less than a perfect score will do.

Robin Edds 2 years ago

Grenfell Tower Investigation To Look At Role Of Cladding As Eyewitness Describes Building "Going Up Like A Match"

One eyewitness said "the cladding caught fire and went straight to the top".

Patrick Smith 2 years ago

Tell Us Where You Live And We'll Give You Your Tactical Voting Options

Not sure if you should vote with your heart or vote tactically? Tell us who you like and who you don't, and we'll try to help.

Tom Phillips 2 years ago
Paul Curry 2 years ago

Can You Say "Strong And Stable Leadership" As Much As Theresa May?

The Prime Minister managed to mention her "strong and stable leadership" 57 times in 10 days, but how many times can you type the phrase in one minute?

Marie Le Conte 2 years ago
Tanner Greenring 2 years ago

We Annotated Theresa May’s Article 50 Letter To Explain What She Really Means

What the prime minister's letter triggering Brexit tells us about how we're going to leave the EU.

James Ball 2 years ago

People Have Uploaded Private Information To Microsoft's Service – And It's Totally Public

Among the documents seen by BuzzFeed News were national insurance numbers and benefit claims and appeals, as well as details of legal disputes.

Rose Troup Buchanan 2 years ago

Only A Trivia Genius Can Pass This Timed True Or False Quiz

How good is your general knowledge when up against the clock?

Jamie Jones 2 years ago

Here Are A Few Claims That Have Been Deleted From Paul Nuttall's Website

The UKIP leader's site, which is now back online after being down for several weeks, no longer claims he was a professional footballer.

Marie Le Conte 2 years ago
Ben Henry 2 years ago

Can You Pass This Challenging Timed Food Quiz?

Will you romaine calm under pressure?

Sarah Aspler 2 years ago
Ellie Bate 2 years ago

How Far Can You Make It As A Submissive?

Remember, the word "red" is important from this point on.

Ben Henry 2 years ago
Sarah Aspler 2 years ago
Jamie Jones 2 years ago