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Answer Three Questions And We'll Tell You Which DIY Project To Try Next

DIYou're welcome.

Browsing Pinterest for your next DIY project can be fun but it's also overwhelming! So we've done the hard work for you. Answer these three questions and we'll recommend a project that's perfect for you!

Would you like something pretty or practical?

Pretty Practical

How much are you looking to spend?

Under $15 Over $15

How long should this take?

Under 30 minutes Over 30 minutes

Here Are Our Recommendations:

Fabric Mouse Pad Pop-Tart Pillow
Lavender Soap Bars Hanging Planter
Clay Tea Bag Holders Tassel Blanket
DIY Toilet Spray Accent Table

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Hey! Guess what? You can click through all of the results to learn about new projects without retaking the quiz!