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    37 Products That Will Make A Big Difference In Your Daily Routine

    If you're still waking up to the sound of that jarring iPhone alarm, enough is enough.

    1. A hook-and-eye closure bralette available in cup and band sizes, aka you'll be able to find *the* perfect fit. Wide straps provide awesome support, no underwire means optimal comfort, a V-neck design means you'll be able to wear this under any top every single day.

    model wearing bralette in light purple

    2. An egg holder and cooker to take the ~hard~ work out of making egg-based dishes — in the cutest way possible. This penguin colony lets you serve breakfast, store leftovers, and guarantees no cracked eggs. *envisions penguins waddling away with my breakfast*

    the black penguin-shaped holder with eggs inside

    3. A NYX liquid eyeliner if you're tired of your liquid liner fading before your second cup of coffee (#rude). This stuff seriously will not budge, plus the skinny felt tip makes cat eye precision a breeze. Who needs to reapply after lunch today? Not you.

    4. A stainless-steel universal lid about to clear up SO much kitchen space. I can picture it now: opening a cabinet and nothing falling out. This is great for 7- to 12-inch pots, pans, and skillets, plus it's dishwasher-safe and heat-safe up to 425 degrees.

    reviewer photo of the stainless steel lid

    5. A Squatty Potty toilet spray that is your new #1 (*ahem* not #2) when it comes to eliminating...odors. Spray this essential oil and real gold nanoparticle blend into the toilet before getting down to business; all smells will be trapped and no evidence will be left behind. Really. We promise.

    five of the Unicorn Gold poop spays

    6. Kitsch elastic scrunchies, because it's about time you break up with breakage. The smooth satin material doesn't tug or pull at your 'do (they're perfect for sleep and won't cause those "my hair is tied too tightly" headaches!), plus they'll last and last and last after months of constant use. Can your current hair tie do that? I mean, mine can't.

    model wearing pink scrunchie in hair

    7. A bug bite suction tool for anyone who feels like an all-you-can-eat buffet for mosquitoes ("why me?" — me every summer). This promptly eases itching and swelling by removing insect saliva, venom, and other irritants, so rest assured you won't spend the night scratching at your legs and cursing the brief time you spent in your backyard.

    8. A draft-blocker to keep all that precious, cold air from escaping your bedroom. Not only will this save $$ because you won't have to blast the AC on its strongest setting, but it's also fantastic for blocking outside noises (loud roommates + quarantine = not great, not fun).

    reviewer photo of the white draft blocker

    9. A Takeya cold brew maker so you can drink your favorite caffeinated beverage whenever you please — all without that daily $5+ charge. This is cleverly designed with an airtight lid and stainless-steel filter to keep coffee fresh for up to two weeks.

    10. A sink organizer with an allotted ~beak~ for your kitchen cloth, that way you don't have to haphazardly drape it over your faucet. This is cleverly designed with suction cup bottom to keep it in place, plus a spot for your sponge.

    the white bird holder with a long orange beak holding a yellow kitchen cloth

    11. Hair extensions so fantastic, they've earned over 8,000 positive reviews! These realistic clip-ins are easy to snap in (we're talking mere seconds of effort) and add immediate volume and length to your mane, meaning you won't have to curse the day you went in for a "trim" and left the salon with hair way shorter than you expected.

    12. Sanuk flip-flops with a cushioning that mimics yoga mat material, aka these babies are really 👏 darn 👏 comfy 👏. Plus, reviewers swear that they last forever — even with constant wear. Grocery runs will have never felt so good on your feet.

    an old pair of Sanuk flip flops next to a new pair labeled "7 year old flip flops and their twin replacements"

    13. An adjustable elastic band so you won't have to carry your iPhone like a weight whilst taking a warm weather jog — simply hit shuffle on Spotify and rest assured that your fragile device will remain both safe and out of your way.

    14. A Cutter bug control concentrate because I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of avoiding my backyard for fear of being bitten ALIVE. This spray effectively wards off mosquitoes, ants, beetles, and more for up to four weeks, so you'll be able to sit outside without looking like caviar to every mosquito within a 500-mile radius.

    reviewer photo of the large bottle labeled "Cutter backyard bug control"

    15. An OXO avocado slicer that can pit, split, and slice avocados like there's no tomorrow. I guess you can say that this time-saving tool truly ~guacs~ at making morning avocado toast an absolute breeze.

    16. A Lodge pre-seasoned cast-iron skillet with the uncanny ability to sauté, sear, bake, broil, braise, fry, or grill any meal to perfection. Want a solid kitchen investment? Look no further than this beauty, which is perfect for almost every meal you'll want to whip up — we're talking breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    the black skillet with salmon asparagus

    17. A Philips alarm clock for actually starting your day on the *bright* side. Rather than jolting upright to the jarring sound of an iPhone alarm, this mimics natural light and gradually brightens over 30 minutes to trick you into feeling like you've woken up with the sunrise and your own internal clock.

    the white alarm clock with a soft orange glow

    18. A multipurpose glass kitchen board you'll love if you have a lot of style, but *not* a lot of space. This functions as a trivet for hot pots and plates, makes for the ideal cutting board, and is the only way I'd like to display fruits, meats, and cheeses from now on. Talk about a gouda investment, eh?

    19. A Gillette shaving cream free of dyes and fragrances that would otherwise irritate your nose and skin. This is ideal for anyone with a sensitive complexion (*raises hand*) who doesn't want to break out in hives every time half a thigh is shaved in their nightly shower.

    model shaving leg

    20. A Crock-Pot that truly delivers on its promise of a delicious dinner and makes prep less of an awful chore (can you tell I hate cooking!?). Dump in some ingredients in the morning and then, eight hours later, you'll be greeted by a meal that is *chef's kiss*. Take the below: pork roast, garlic, onion, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, honey, ground ginger, gochugaru, and some stock.

    21. Compression socks here to improve your outdoor running game by promoting circulation and increased blood flow. TLDR; These help prevent leg soreness, cramping, *and* use a moisture-wicking fabric that your sweaty feet will love.

    reviewer wearing knee-high white compression socks

    22. An ingenious floral motif rug for anyone who dreams of having a Pinterest-worthy rug but is terrified of, oh, spilling red wine and then ruining it for good. Understandable! But this is where genius technology comes in: Simply detach the rug from the included anti-slip pad, then throw it in the washer and dryer when it gets dirty. Good as new. No need for a professional cleaning.

    23. A third-generation Echo Dot that can do everything from play music and make calls to read the news and set alarms — all at the sound of your voice! Having the ability to send hands-free texts and shuffle playlists whilst doing that at-home kickboxing video? It's about to change your life.

    the Echo Dot in black

    24. A rechargeable personal blender great for anyone with limited storage space *and* minimum patience when it comes to morning fuel. Simply dump in your favorite ingredients, press the blend button, and delicious smoothie will be yours in seconds.

    25. Adidas lace-up sneakers dubbed the ~Cloudfoam Pure~ because of how downright comfortable they are. Not only do these look fantastic (athleisure can have my eternal love and soul), but your daily walks will feel as if they're taking place on a cloud from now on.

    reviewer wearing white and gray lace-up sneakers

    26. A Truff hot sauce, because you thought pizza was already perfect — but think again. This blend of white truffle, ripe chilli pepper, and organic agave nectar adds extra flavor to anything, from pizza to your morning breakfast sandwich. (It's even loved by Queen Oprah herself and was on her list of favorite things this year.)

    27. A USB-powered cooling pad for anyone with a computer that overheats so often, your lap feels permanently warm. This can easily remedy that problem: It's equipped with three fans and is so lightweight, you'll feel like it's not even there.

    reviewer photo of the cooling pad emitting blue light

    28. A BPA-free Nalgene water bottle with a screw-top lid, dishwasher-safe plastic, and etched-in measurements that let you keep track of exactly how much water you've sipped. This acts as a subtle reminder to stay hydrated, my thirsty folks.

    29. A cult-favorite Squatty Potty that currently has over 10,000 reviews on Amazon. What is the purpose of it, you ask? It enables your body to mimic a squatting position that turns *ahem* longer bathroom breaks into a much easier affair.

    the white Squatty potty

    30. A Fresh roll-on antiperspirant, because the only thing sweeter than sugar is sweat-free pits that don't feel like an unleashed floodgate. Key ingredients in this formula include sugar to help curb smelly bacteria, plus oat extracts to keep your skin refreshed.

    31. An ergonomic foot rest that basically *forces* you to improve your posture. Not only will this prevent you from slouching over your laptop, but it also helps alleviate the back and foot pain you'd experience as a result of said slouching.

    reviewer using black foot rest under desk

    32. A Maybelline liquid foundation for all of the coverage, none of the cake. This may feel thick upon application but quickly melts into your skin like butter, giving for a creaseless finish that also prevents excess shine. Now say it with me: holy grail.

    33. An attachable aerator to make your less-than-$10 wine taste like it was sourced from Napa and aged for 10 centuries. "I'm getting some dry notes of expensive," you'll say after taking that first sip. Your daily glass of vino will never be the same.

    34. Reusable metal drinking straws for anyone looking to cut down on plastic waste *and* prevent their teeth from getting those dreadful coffee stains. These are perfect for both hot or iced caffeine, plus are just really darn pretty.

    the rainbow metal straws in a glass of water

    35. A BPA-free lunch container, because soggy salads = the bane of my existence. This is cleverly designed with multiple compartments to keep greens, toppings, and dressings separate until you're ready for that mid-afternoon feast.

    the white top with four compartments and the bottom pink compartment for greens

    36. A Shark Tank rapid ramen cooker for the beginner chef who refers to buttered toast as gourmet. I get it! I hate cooking! It sucks the life out of me! But that's okay, because all this cooker requires is noodles, a microwave, and about three minutes of your time — a delicious meal is now yours for the 'gram.

    black ramen cooker with noodles, hard-boiled egg, scallions, and carrot inside

    37. Cetaphil cleansing cloths you'll want for those nights in which you are way too tired to cleanse, tone, and moisturize. These remove dirt, trapped oil, and makeup (*cough* even waterproof mascara *cough*) without simultaneously stripping your face of moisture.

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