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    32 Things Our Readers Who Travel A Lot Absolutely Swear By

    They walked first, so you could ~fly~. ✈️

    We asked the frequent travelers of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the products they swear by. Here are their best recommendations:

    1. A Dagne Dover duffle bag that's worth the splurge because you'll be able to fit everything you need for a flight in it, and then swiftly put it under your seat and avoid the Huger Games-style fight for overhead bin space.

    2. A digital scale for anyone who always overpacks (like me 🙋‍♀️) so you know before you get to the airport that your bag is 52.5 pounds and you should probably rearrange.

    3. A foot hammock made out of memory foam because we can't all afford to fly first class, but this little gadget can make you feel like it (even if it doesn't come with free champagne).

    4. An umbrella because no matter how much you try to plan your vacay, you (sadly) can't control the weather (yet), so it's better to be safe than sorry.

    5. A PopGrip to keep your phone upright so you're able to watch the new season of Queer Eye you downloaded from Netflix while you're on the flight (just don't forget the tissues with that one!).

    6. EarPlanes specifically designed to reduce the pressure in your ears because sometimes you can't avoid getting an ~earful~ when the plane is taking off (and from the woman sitting next to you).

    7. A set of packing cubes – once you use them, you'll wonder how you've lived this long without them in your life. They help keep your clothes organized and allow you to pack more in your suitcase. I call that a win-win.

    8. Some sheet masks to not only hydrate your skin, but also to ensure that the passengers around you don't talk to you.

    9. An external battery so powerful that it can charge your phone up to three times before it needs to be charged itself (now that's convenient).

    10. A travel bidet because even though your routine may be screwed up on vacation, that doesn't mean your other routine should be. This little thing will keep you out of a ~crappy~ situation.

    11. An extension cord so you don't have to worry about finding a nearby, usable plug in the hotel room (because that shouldn't be a challenge, but somehow it is).

    12. A curling iron cover with a heat-resistant liner so you can make your hair look perfect and yet not worry about waiting for it to cool down before packing it away.

    13. Some wipes to wipe down your seat, the tray, and anywhere else you touch to avoid that plague that comes after flying.

    14. A shampoo bar so you can avoid using whatever they have at the hotel and also not worry about adding more liquids to your TSA-approved bag.

    15. An Away Carry-On which has three separate compartments to help you organize your things in the most efficient way possible to make the most use of your space.

    16. A multipurpose microfiber towel that's super thin but very absorbent. It won't take up lots of room in your luggage, but you'll find so many different ways to use it on your trip.

    17. Some bed bug spray because from now on, it will ~bug~ you to even think about going to a hotel (or Airbnb or another bed) without using this.

    18. Some compression socks so your feet and legs don't swell up as much as Violet Beauregarde did in Willy Wonka's factory.

    19. Bose QC20 Earbuds that'll ~cancel~ all the noise (i.e. plane sounds, crying babies, loud talkative seat mates) and let you focus on whatever new podcast you've been obsessing over.

    20. An empty water bottle to avoid paying at least $5 to stay hydrated at the airport and also from bugging the flight attendent every five minutes to bring you more water.

    21. Some anti-chafe balm you can glide on any part of your body you want to protect as your daily step count increases to more than 20,000 steps a day.

    22. AirFly, a wireless transmitter that'll connect your AirPods (or an other wireless headphones) to the headphone jack on the flight so you can enjoy all the free entertainment without being forced to bring two sets of headphones.

    23. Pepto Bismol tablets to help avoid any ~stinky~ situations and keep things running smoothly.

    24. Some spare underwear because you never know what's going to happen with your flight/luggage, and you don't want to be caught with your pants down.

    25. A RFID neck wallet made with a liner that'll stop people from being able to skim your credit card information just by passing you (because that's a scary thing that shouldn't happen ever, especially not when you're on vacation).

    26. A backpack with a sleeve to fit your laptop perfectly and save your shoulders from getting too run down by carrying your bag on one side.

    27. A pair of Fabletics leggings with a pocket on the side to put your cellphone in. I now think this is a feature that should be on all leggings because I am tired of sticking my phone in the waistband. Listen up, world!

    28. Some hand sanitizer because getting up to go to the bathroom whenever you need to wash your hands or eat isn't really realistic on a flight where hundreds of people are sharing only a handful of bathrooms.

    29. An Anker charging port with six usb ports so all your devices can get to 100% at the same time. Now that's luxury.

    30. An XOUXOU phone lanyard to keep your most-prized possession close to your heart, no matter what.

    31. Don't forget some blister bandages, too! These are specifically designed to cover blisters and make it bearable to walk.

    32. And Global entry that'll expedite the process of going through TSA (and customs). You may never want to go back to the regular line after using it for the first time.

    Okay, now I need to go book my next vacation. Excuse me....

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