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    47 Of The Best Valentine's Day Gifts Under $100

    A silk pillowcase, custom pet art print, faux fur slippers, a wine aerator, and *so* many other amazing treats to spoil your love this holiday.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Valentine’s Day, shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 14th!

    1. A Valentine's Day gift set filled with a rose-scented candle, body butter, and massage oil, which means you can have a nice romantic spa day at home, just the two of you.

    The rose scent candle, rose hair and body butter, and spray massage oil

    2. An Instant Pot disguised as a nice practical gift for your love, but it's secretly a gift for you too, because you'll get to eat all the delicious food that they make in this ingenious gadget.

    The Insta Pot with silver outside and black base and handles with an interface on the front

    3. A Revlon One-Stop Hair Dryer & Volumizer designed to be the gift that keeps on giving — great hair for 365 days a year. They'll be so thankful they can finally try the mind-~blowing~ device they've seen alllll over their TikTok For You page.

    4. A Slip silk pillowcase here to make sleep feel even more like a ~dream~, especially when they wake up with frizz-free hair. (Not to mention their skin looking great too!)

    Model hugging a pillow with the silk pillowcase on it in black

    5. A box filled with farm-fresh flowers that also doubles as a fun activity, because your partner gets to use their creativity to build their own arrangement of beautiful blooms and display them all over their home.

    A bouquet of fresh flowers in white and pink in a black vase

    6. A soft sided carry-on suitcase built to be spacious enough to fit their essentials while still being about to fit under a plane seat or without taking up the whole trunk of a car for your next adventure together (and the adventure after that). Plus, it has two wheels *and* a trolly sleeve so they'll never have to weigh down their shoulder to carry it. Oh, the luxury!

    7. A Sunday Riley Wake Up With Me brightening morning routine kit filled with cult-favorite products sure to ~refresh~ their morning skin routine and leave them feeling and looking great.

    The six small skincare bottles

    8. A pair of needle-and-thread earrings they'll be ~sew~ in love with, they may wear them all the time. Plus, they can be threaded through one or more piercings, meaning they can create their own customized look. How cool is that?

    small gold chain thread earrings threaded through two piercings in an ear

    9. A Bandolier phone case perfect for everyday use because it has a slim wallet pocket on the back and a removable strap, so they can take their essentials with them when they head out to run errands and look good while doing it. It's a nice gift they may not buy for themselves, but when they're love gives it to them, they'll be extra thankful (and maybe even give you a few extra kisses).

    model with the black leather strap across their chest with the phone case with a pocket on the back

    10. The Olive & June winter box giving me big "OMG, this is the best gift ever" vibes...oh wait, that's just what you're going to hear when your partner opens the gift and gets all the tools they need to give themselves a great at-home mani.

    The silver box filled with nine nail polish bottles in different colors and all the assorted tools that are included in the box

    11. A collection of teas from around the world so your ~cu-tea~ can enjoy different flavors of tea. When the days are short and cold, there's nothing like a delicious hot cup of tea to warm their spirit (after a snuggle from you, obv).

    The ten thin tubes of tea with green labels saying what the kinds of tea are

    12. A Levi's denim jacket, a closet staple they'll be so thankful for because it will be the jacket they reach for the most in late spring, summer, and early fall. And they'll think of how sweet your gift was when they do.

    13. A box set of illustrated editions of the first three Harry Potter books wizards and muggles alike will be spellbound over for years to come.

    The three Harry Potter books in a cardboard case with "The Illustrated Collection" on it

    14. A Peter Thomas Roth Made to Mask kit filled with four of their best-selling masks for a luxurious gift for sure to wow, no matter if your love is a skincare fanatic or a newbie who doesn't know where to start.

    The four masks (green, black, orange, and gold) next to the box

    15. And a mini beauty refrigerator for your SO who takes their skin care seriously with a capital S. Yes, now they'll have a place to store all the skincare products (and keep them fresh and ready to use) they've been obsessing over and telling you all about. Who knew you would know the difference between a toner and a serum? The things you do for love. *sigh*

    The small fridge on a counter with a pink door open, showing how it has a shelf on the inside of the door, and one in the fridge that's filled with assorted beauty products

    16. Long-distance touch bracelets perfect for any long-distance couples who won't be spending the holiday together. When you touch the bracelet, the other lights up and vibrates, letting that person know you're thinking of them.

    17. Some floral hoop earrings because it's once and ~flor-all~ time to show your love that they really are the diamond of your eye (with fun statement earrings they can rock all the time).

    Model wearing the circular stud earrings with different colored stones and flowers

    18. A smart wallet with a quick card access mechanism, RFID blocking, and a tracker to keep the valuables they take with them safe and protected, even if they'll be a bit peeved if they accidentally leave their wallet in an Uber...again.

    The rectangle-shaped wallet in light brown leather in a model's hand with cards coming out of the top and the card-shaped tracker in the other hand

    19. A starter pack of Glossier's skincare essentials great if your partner has been eyeing this brand for a while now and subtly (or not-so-subtly) dropping hints about this cult-favorite beauty site. This kit comes with three of their best-selling skincare products thousands of people already love, so it's a great intro and gives them a chance to try out a few things.

    The three products included in the kit on top of the signature pink bag

    20. A pair of faux fur slippers actually lined with microfleece fabric (that absorbs any moisture *cough, cough* sweat) to keep their feet at a consistent cozy temperature all day and ward off any ~cold feet~. Plus, with the multi-layer memory-foam footbed, they'll feel like they're walking on little soft clouds.

    Model wearing the slippers with brown bottoms and white fuzzy shearling fabric on the top and sides

    21. A Waterpik water flosser, which may seem like a not-so-romantic gift to some, but most will really appreciate something practical that lasts so much longer than flowers *and* will get their dentist off their case about flossing at their next visit.

    The pik with a cord wrapped up and sitting in its base with a container to fill with water

    22. A heart-shaped candy box filled with delicious candy and marshmallows on theme for your ~sweet-heart~ who has a sweet tooth. You both can enjoy this treat while you snuggle in for a movie night on your low-key Valentine's Day. It may even become your new tradition.

    pink heart-shaped box filled with candy and marshmellows in pink and red colors

    23. An acrylic Squatty Potty your S.O. might think is a slightly strange Valentine's gift until they put it to use and realize that this thing ~clearly~ helps them go number two. And you'll be the ~number one~ person in their life for helping them achieve that.

    The clear step stool with a rounded side against a toilet

    24. A battery pack with spaces to power up two devices at once so the two of you never have to fight over who gets to charge their phone first. This way, you both can be happy.

    Hand holding the thin rectangle-shaped charger with a cord connecting to a phone, showing that it's charging

    25. A leather tote bag that's a classic for a reason: it will never go out of style and be a fantastic way for them to carry everything they need with them.

    Model with the black rectangle-shaped tote bag over their shoulder

    26. A pair of truffle-based sauces, or in other words the only two sauces that'll they need in their life to add flavor to any kind of food they eat — from french fries to pizza (yes, pizza) and more. If their love language is sauces (like mine is), they'll def appreciate this super nice set.

    The bottle of sriracha and ranch in a black gift box

    27. A cozy fleece-lined hoodie made with a satin lining inside the hood to be gentle and protect their hair while also making them feel stylish as hell.

    28. A wine aerator made to speed up the breathing process of red wine, giving it a smoother and fuller flavor. Your S.O. will feel super fancy when they use this gadget to make their $10 bottle of wine taste like a more expensive one.

    The small oval-shaped aerator over a glass of wine, with a bottle of wine being poured into it, showing how it works

    29. The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition — a book filled with scratch-off date items to ~spice~ things up, no matter what stage of the relationship you're in.

    The book with a photo of a happy couple

    30. An Instax 9 instant camera that will be an ~instant~ hit because you can not only use it to snap a pic during your adventure, but you can use it any other time you want to capture a sweet moment and have physical pictures to remember all the good times you've had together.

    The instant camera in a square-like shape with a large lense in bright blue

    31. A versatile leather pouch they can use to store the essentials and easy transfer them from weekday bag to weekend bag, because everyone knows there's totally a difference.

    The brown and black leather pouches and the suede brown with zippers on the top

    32. A bathtub caddy because you know that even in a relationship, both parties need some "me" time. This handy tool will help them keep all their essentials (i.e. a candle, tea, phone, etc.) close to them during a bath without fear of anything getting wet.

    Reviewer image of a wooden bath caddy holding an iPad, washcoth, plant, candle, wine glass, bath salts

    33. A practical sunlamp to ~light up~ their life as much as you do, by helping improve their mood and resetting their circadian rhythm to aid in improving sleep during the long winter months that seem to stretch on longer than it takes your partner to get ready when you're in a hurry.

    The rectangle-shaped light with white frame and base sitting on a counter

    34. A super-cool duffel bag that actually starts out as a garment bag, so they only have to pack one bag with everything they need *and* not worry about suits or other clothes getting wrinkled during the journey.

    35. A Yes Plz coffee subscription ideal if your partner won't even talk to you in the morning before they've had their coffee. This fun subscription will send delicious cofee beans delivered right to their door every week (or two or four, depening on the subscription) so they can try new and fun flavors.

    bag of YES PLZ coffee beans next to a cup of coffee

    36. Or a Sips By subscription if your partner finds coffee not to be ~their cup of tea~. They'll get either loose-leaf or bagged tea right to their door, based on their preferences. It'll be a ~tea-rrific~ package to open that will make their day and give them a reason to use more of their super cute mug collection.

    Model holding a small box full of different kinds of tea on their lap, holding one option in their hand

    37. A cheese board and knife set that (*Stefon voice*) has everything — five serving sections, a matching separate board, and more. Don't be alarmed if your next few date nights are just differently themed crudités boards.

    Reviewer picture of the wood board with drawers on either side open and the extra round plate next to it, all filled with food

    38. A faux-fur throw blanket that's not only a great gift for your boo, but you'll get to reap the benefits of its greatness as you snuggle under it together during your next Netflix binge.

    The fuzzy blanket in white sitting on a chair

    39. A pair of pair of wireless earbuds to ~cancel~ the noise around them so they can actually listen to their music. If you've spent a good chunk of the past year in the same small apartment together, you'll know the importance of some good peace and quiet to keep the peace in the relationship. These true wireless earbuds have soft silicone ear tips, so they won't fall out of their ears in the middle of a song (or even a phone call).

    40. A Sur La Table online cooking class that's a gift *and* a date night in one. Each interactive course is lead by an expert chef that'll walk you through exactly how to make a delicious dish. And you can pick whatever food you want — from sushi to steak, or even delicious macarons. Please excuse stomach is growling just looking at all of this.

    hands kneading dough

    41. A beard wrangler mini crate filled with gentle products to help them care for and maintain those luscious face locks you love to love (or love to hate, no judgment) so much.

    The three products, towel, and a brush and the wood crate that they all come in

    42. A wine chiller made with stainless steel to keep the bottle perfectly chilled so they can enjoy a glass of white wine at the perfect temperature and feel like the royalty they are (in your eyes at least).

    The white chiller with a wine bottle in it, keeping it cold

    43. A gin making kit with everything they'll need to turn a bottle of vodka into their own delicious gin. This could even be a fun activity you two do together!

    the kit with two clear bottles, a funnel, blends of spices, and strainer

    44. A three-speed portable suitcase record player they'll have ~a-round~ for years because it's a modern take on the classic music player with Bluetooth capabilities and built-in speakers. Can you say dance party every day? Hell yeah!

    The rectangle record player with a black handle on the top and the lid open, showing what the actual player looks like inside

    45. Superhero duo bookends just perfect for the superhero in your life who ~swoop~ in and makes your day better. This sweet gift will go ~above and beyond~ to use their super-human strength to keep books from falling off the shelf.

    Two Superheros with capes holding up two different stacks of books

    46. A Rifle Paper Co. floral wireless charger they won't mind having displayed on their bedside table during the day, and then at night, all they have to do is place their phone on it and wake up it to it fully charged.

    Two circular chargers in floral prints with a phone on one and AirPods on the other

    47. And a minimalist pet portrait in either a line or color-block style — perfect if you have already accepted that you are actually your partner's second love and their pet is absolutely their first. You can customize this art to look like their favorite furry friend they can have hanging in their home forever.

    Three pics of the art: one line drawing of a dog, one color-block of a dog, and a line drawing of a cat, all with the actual animals they look like below them

    Happy Valentine's Day!!

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