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  • Meghan McCain’s On-Air Gaffe: Obamas Deserve “Emoticon Of Privacy”

    I didn’t know there was an emoticon for privacy! During a discussion on MSNBC today about a new book detailing Michelle Obama’s tensions with White House staffers, noted nepotism beneficiary Meghan McCain spoke out against the tell-all, arguing the Obamas deserve “some small emoticon of privacy.” This is when I’d note McCain clearly meant to say “a modicum” instead of “emoticon” and probably just got tongue-tied so let’s all give her the benefit of the doubt and oh my god why are you all so cynical, you know, if not for the fact that she repeated the mistake five seconds later. So instead, I’ll just :(.

    Matt Cherette 2 years ago 15 responses

  • McCain, The Children’s Book

    Meghan McCain is writing a children’s book about her daddy. Yay! Should be good times for kids, especially the Vietnam sections, like the part that reads, “He didn’t get the right kind of medical care for his broken bones, and the food was really bad.” It’ll be the first kid’s book about surviving torture since the Dr. Seuss classic, The Wubbler Gets Waterboarded. Read More ›

    Scott Lamb 6 years ago respond