Whoopi Cut Off Meghan McCain On "The View" And There Were No Ifs, Ands, Or Buts About It

    "Hey, LISTEN!"

    Yesterday morning on The View, the ladies of the circular table interviewed Senator-elect Raphael Warnock after his history-making win for the Georgia Senate seat.

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    Lemme preface this by saying that this EGOT winner/talk show moderator is not one to shy away from calling out bullshit when she gets a whiff — and usually that scent comes off of Meghan McCain.

    Whoopi Goldberg moderating The View

    Which brings us to yesterday's episode. Meghan McCain attempted to press Senator-elect Warnock on whether or not he'd be joining "moderate Dems in rejecting left-wing ideas such as D.C. statehood, eliminating the filibuster, and packing the Supreme Court" and the Reverend stated that his only concern at the moment was the health of his constituents in this pandemic.

    Senator-elect Warnock interviewing on The View

    Meghan followed up and attempted to push the matter further...

    Meghan McCain interviewing Senator-elect Warnock

    ...and Whoopi, quite literally, said "Not on my watch."*

    Whoopi Goldberg interviewing Senator-elect Warnock

    Then, she blessed us with not one, but TWO images worth 2,000 words.

    Anyway, here are some tweets from #WhoopiHive:

    Me: This morning can’t get any better. Whoopi:

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    Whoopi shutting down Megan McCain on #theView.

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    Whoopi isn't not playing with Meghan today. Her messiness will not be tolerated 3 days in a row #TheView

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    Did Whoopi really just yell at Meghan McCain like that? #TheView

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    For those “KARENS” upset that #Whoopi told Meghan to stop talking saying she should be fired?!? Whoopi is the MODERATOR. She is taking messages from PRODUCERS asking that segments end to go to commercial. So who y’all want fired again?!?! #theview

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    Whoopi said DON’T MAKE ME TURN THIS CAR AROUND!! #TheView

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    Whoopi Goldberg taking care of Megan Mccain on #TheView this morning

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    whoopi: okay so for today’s hot topics were going to be talking abou- meghan mccain on the #TheView every day:

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    Is it possible that even though Whoopi Goldberg already has an EGOT that she is still underrated? Yes. It. Is. https://t.co/mewByD6QEX

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    Meghan McCain during commercial break while Whoopi makes her stand in the corner... #MeghanMcCain #TheView

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    Whoopi really derailed that train of thought, huh #TheView

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    In conclusion, stan Whoopi for clear skin, good health, and noses outcha business:

    Whoopi Goldberg just posted this on Instagram, and wow it’s a whole 2021 mood