Whoopi Goldberg Is Fed Up With Meghan McCain Interrupting Everyone

    Christmas came early this year.

    This morning on The View, cohosts Meghan McCain and Sunny Hostin were duking it out at the roundtable over the ongoing impeachment trials. Well, they would have been if Meghan let Sunny get a word in.

    It was time for Whoopi to step in — yet again — as she often has to do in order to keep the peace at the table/ensure that Meghan doesn't steamroll everyone.

    HOWEVER, when Meghan tried to talk over Whoopi (one would have assumed she would have learned her lesson after last time), THE GLOVES GAME OFF!

    As per usual, Meghan tried to talk over Whoopi as she was moderating and then threw out this sarcastic comment. But Whoopi was done playing games:

    And then, because she's Whoopi Friggin' Goldberg, she got the last word:

    Of course, the internet is having a field day, and of course, the tweets are hilarious:

    whoopi just cut miss meghan's gems https://t.co/EnYSqkh1rF

    Whoopi telling Meghan McCain to take all the seats is the true meaning of Christmas. https://t.co/K53E3jRdg9

    Whoopi: "Girl, please stop talking right now." Meghan McCain: "No problem. I won't talk for the rest of this show." Whoopi: "I'm OK with that." Whoopi speaks for all of us right now.

    Meghan McCain is inches from bringing out the Celie in Whoopi when she got tired of Mister shit.

    That moment Whoopi thought to herself, “Is it worth risking it all to reach over and smack this child out of her chair?”

    Whoopi lecturing John McCain's daughter like this cleared my skin and paid my mortgage.

    Santa came early! And Whoopi Claus just smacked Meghan McCain ‘s white privileged ass. Tis the season for giving... me life! Thank you Whoopi! #TheView

    OMG!!! Whoppi just told Meghan Mccain "GIRL! Will you PLEASE stop talking!!" #TheView

    Whoopi gathered Meghan like a deck of cards. Finally ❗❗❗❗❗❗ Meg, "You in danger girl..." #TheView #Whoopi

    It’s getting closer and closer to tha moment Whoopi takes her out #TheView

    Whoopi Goldberg telling Megan McCain to “just stop talking” is the Hanukkah gift I knew I needed but never dreamed I would actually receive

    Say what you want, but after all that Meghan has done on this show, it was about time that Whoopi gave her a taste of her own medicine.

    Watch the entire segment below:

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