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Meghan McCain Said Her Neighborhood Looked Like "A War Zone" Due To The Black Lives Matter Protests And Her Neighbor Called Her Out For Lying

"I just walked outside. It’s fine."

On Tuesday, Meghan McCain tweeted about the protests happening in New York City — and around the world — following the killing of George Floyd by a police officer in Minneapolis.

"My neighborhood in Manhattan is eviscerated and looks like a war zone," she wrote.

"[Mayor] De Blasio and [Governor] Cuomo are an utter disgrace. This is not America. Our leaders have abandoned us and continue to let great American cities burn to the ground and be destroyed. I never could have fathomed this," she added.

Well, Meghan's neighbor, Kristen Bartlett, stepped into the chat and had something to say about her claims.

Kristen, who happens to be the co–head writer of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, called out Meghan for lying, writing, "We live in the same building, and I just walked outside. It’s fine."

Meghan, we live in the same building, and I just walked outside. It’s fine.

Her tweet instantly went viral and garnered over 870,000 "likes."

Meghan has yet to respond, but Kristen did post a link for people to donate to the Black Lives Matter movement afterward:

okay, wow, this blew up. please check out my soundcloud:

For more information on how you can get involved and actively support protestors, click here.


On Wednesday, Meghan admitted she wasn't actually in New York at the time of the protests, tweeting, "I am six months pregnant - a gossip organization is about to run a story of where me and my family are currently. I sent a tweet yesterday based on the news I saw happening in midtown we all have been watching all over different media platforms."