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It's Not Just The US That's Protesting George Floyd's Death — Here Are 13 Scenes From International Protests

From London to Toronto.

1. Berlin:

Thousands now chanting “black lives matter” in front of the US Embassy in Berlin #GeorgeFloyd

2. Berlin:

3. Toronto:

Aerial view of today’s #JusticeForRegis #BlackLivesMatter protest in Toronto. No justice, NO PEACE!!!!!!

4. Toronto:

Massive protest in Toronto. Black lives matter! #JusticeForRegis #JusticeForFloyd

5. London:

6. London:

7. Dublin:

Over 100 people have taken part in a silent protest in solidarity of #BlackLivesMatter outside the US Embassy in Dublin. Demonstrator want justice for George Floyd and equality.

8. Cardiff, Wales:

Really proud to see so many people turn out for a #BlackLivesMatter protest in #Cardiff today. This is not America's fight alone, this is not our black friends' and loved ones' alone. It is everyone's.

9. Manchester, England:

Black Lives Matter protest in Manchester #BlackLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatterUK

10. Copenhagen:

Huge demonstration in front of the U.S. Embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark. We show solidarity with our black brothers & sisters and protest systemic racism and police brutality. #BlackLivesMatter

11. Copenhagen:

12. Rome:

Btw I just realized I haven't spoken here about what happened but ofc it really shocked me and it has shaken me in a very deep way. Yesterday I went to a protest in front of the american ambassady in Rome, we were only like 50 ppl but we all felt like we had to do something.

13. Milan:

Beyond this weekend, there are lots more protests planned in a number of cities across the world.