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  • Draw Blood: 13 Things You May Not Have Known About Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves Of London”

    This month marks 34 years since the film An American Werewolf in London opened in theaters, giving moviegoers the opportunity to laugh and scream at the same time. For music fans, though, when the topic of werewolves and London come up, the point of reference isn’t David Naughton howling at the moon, it’s Warren Zevon howling about a furry fellow who’s walking through the streets of Soho in the rain with a Chinese menu in his hand, which is why we’ve pulled together a few facts about Mr. Zevon’s song, many of which might surprise you. If you don’t know any more about werewolves than what you’ve learned from Tyler Posey, then it’s time to turn off Teen Wolf and get schooled on a rock ‘n’ roll classic.

  • A-Ha! 30 Things You May Not Know About The Band Behind “Take On Me”

    In America, when you hear the name “a-ha,” either you think someone’s experienced a revelation or you find yourself humming “Take on Me,” but the career of the trio behind that classic track is far more substantial than just the one single. On the 30th anniversary of the release of the band’s debut album, Hunting High and Low, here’s your chance to learn about the history of a-ha from the very beginning all the way up to where things stand with the band in 2015.

  • 33 Performances That Clarify Why Music Fans Will Miss David Letterman

    There are plenty of reasons that comedy fans will be entering a period of mourning after David Letterman steps down as the host of “The Late Show with David Letterman,” ending a 33-year run in late-night, but it’s going to be rough going for music fans, too, given how many artists were given the spotlight by Dave over the years. Appropriately, we’ve put together a list of 33 performances that have thrilled us over the course of that run. No, they’re not necessarily all the very best that Mr. Letterman had to offer, because this thing would enter into triple digits if we went that route, but they’ll give you an idea of the variety that Dave served up as well as the vacuum that’ll be left by losing a host who actually cared more about spotlighting the music he loved than the number of viewers who might’ve tuned in to hear it.

  • The Lowdown On ‘Low-Life’: 8 Facts About New Order’s 1985 Album

    Today marks the 30th anniversary of the release of New Order’s third studio album, Low-Life, an effort which effectively completed their musical evolution from the early post-punk sound that Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris, and Peter Hook initially carried over from their days in Joy Division into a full-fledged dance-rock band. To celebrate this illustrious occasion, here are a few things you may not have known about the album…unless you’re an überfan, in which you’ll roll your eyes and say, “Well, duh.” (We don’t really need to dance around that possibility, do we?)

  • Say Hallelujah! Classic Samples Of Classic Songs

    If you’ve caught Panic! at the Disco’s new single, “Hallelujah,” then you’ve heard the way the Vegas-formed band has utilized a sample of Chicago’s “Questions 67 & 68” to great effect…and if you haven’t caught the single yet, we’ve embedded the video below, so there’s that problem solved! In celebration of this use of a classic song to create a new classic, here are four other occasions when a similar sonic situation has occurred.

  • MTV: When It Began

    When MTV first arrived on the airwaves on August 1, 1981, the network certainly didn’t invent the music video, but it definitely went on popularize and legitimize the video as an additional method of artistic expression for musicians and - perhaps more importantly - an incredibly successful way to sell a song to the masses. That process, however, wasn’t an instantaneous one, which meant that when it came time to program the day’s video playlist, the pickings were a little slim.

  • 9 Times Roxette Were The Soundtrack To Your Life

    Believe it or not, it’s been 25 years since Pretty Woman premiered, and Roxette’s ‘It Must Have Been Love’ provided the soundtrack to the montage which made us all fall in love with Julia Roberts. Roxette’s amazing songs pop up in soundtracks all the time, but how many of these do you remember?

  • 14 Times Josh Groban Hit Comedy Gold

    Today is the 34th birthday of Josh Groban, a guy who’s sold more than 25 million albums worldwide. As such, you’re probably pretty sick of listening to his music, right? No, of course you’re not, which is why we’ve compiled a playlist of 20 songs from his back catalog as a tribute to the birthday boy. You’ll find it at the bottom of this piece, so give it a spin, won’t you? But before you get to listening to those top-notch tunes, we also wanted to pay tribute to a side of Groban’s career that doesn’t get nearly as much attention: his work as a comedian. No, he’s not a stand-up comedian – although his between-song banter at his concerts does often have the audience in stitches – but Josh Groban is a pretty funny guy, and since we suspect that a lot of you may not have known this about him, here are 14 clips which spotlight his comedy chops.

  • 20 Years Of ‘Friends,’ 20 Songs From The ‘Friends’ Soundtracks

    20 somewhat years ago, a little series called Friends first hit the airwaves, and despite the incredibly simple name, it quickly became a TV phenomenon, running for 10 seasons and 236 episodes. During that time, four collections of music were released in conjunction with the NBC series - Friends: Original TV Soundtrack (1995), Friends Again (1999), Friends: The One with All the Party Music (2004), and Friends: The Ultimate Soundtrack (2005) - and while the one that kicked it all off may have been more commercially successful than the rest, there’s enough top-notch music in the mix for us to reflect on the 20 best songs in the bunch.

  • Buckingham Rocks: 15 Great Guest Appearances By Lindsey Buckingham

    Even as Fleetwood Mac’s latest tour rolls ever onward - the band, now with 100% more Christine McVie, is on the road through December 20, starts up again on January 16, and carries on through March 7 - let us not forget the wonderful things that the band members have done outside of the confines of the ground. No, we’re not talking about solo albums, we’re talking about the way they pop up on other people’s albums. Take, for instance, Lindsey Buckingham, who’s guested on a lot of songs for a lot of different artists, some of whom might surprise you.

  • What Classic Comedy Album Are You?

    Everyone has a unique sense of humor, but what does that sense of humor say about us? Don’t ask us: we’re not licensed psychologists. But with a few well-chosen questions, we can tell you which classic comedy album comes closest to summing you up as a person…unless it doesn’t. But, hey, what level of accuracy do you expect from a Buzzfeed quiz, anyway?

  • “I’m Writing This To Say…” 10 Artists Who Drove Morrissey To Compose Letters

    Recent rumblings about Morrissey reportedly compiling a Ramones best-of collection have inspired many members of the press to make sure that everyone knows how ironic this supposed assignment is, since his negative opinion of the band was so strong in 1976 that he wrote a letter to Melody Maker on the matter, calling them…well, we’ll get to that. In the interest of equal opportunity, we just wanted to make sure people realize that Morrissey was inspired to break out his writing utensil of choice on a regular basis in his pre-Smiths days, offering others his opinions of many artists, some of which - believe it or not - were actually favorable.

  • Forever In “Vogue”: 16 Celebrities Immortalized By Madonna (And Others)

    When Lauren Bacall died on Tuesday, August 12, it was the end of an era: we now live in a world where none of the 16 celebrities cited within the lyrics of Madonna’s “Vogue” still walk among us. To memorialize this sad occasion, let us take a stroll back in time and run through this roll call of famous names once more, but this time let’s also remember several other songs that these folks have popped up in the lyrics of as well.

  • 10 Fun Facts About The 10 Songs On ‘The Lost Boys’ Soundtrack

    27 years ago, the soundtrack to Joel Schumacher’s teenage vampire flick The Lost Boys hit record stores, a collection filled with originals and covers recorded by big names and purported up-and-comers, some of whom might well have faded into obscurity were it not for their contributions to the album. To celebrate the anniversary of the soundtrack, take a look back through the track listing and learn a few things about the artists who were represented on the record.

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