5 New Wave Stars With Better Hair Than You

New Wave hair went beyond just the obvious Flock of Seagulls up-dos. These progressive artists had some pretty crazy hairstyles that could only be matched by the Gods!

1. 1. The Cure’s Robert Smith

2. His hair. It’s just like heaven.

3. The way he pushes those bangs. Effortless.

4. The Cure for any occasion.

6. 2. Stacey Q: “The Crimped Bopper”

7. See the way it moves!

8. And look at those creative accessories!

9. Today’s sleek, symmetrical cuts just don’t compare.

11. 3. A-ha: “The Bouffant” x3

12. You can hunt “high and low” to get a look like this.

13. Touch it - how can it be?

15. 4. The Cars: “Mullets in Stereo”

16. Mullets. So majestic.

17. They’re even magical.

19. 5. Jane Child. Just Jane Child.

21. The braids!

22. No words can describe. Just watch:

See it to believe it.

24. Now that you’ve been inspired by these artists’ awesomely styled cuts, check out some of their equally awesome tunes on Rhino’s “Just Can’t Get Enough – The ‘80s” playlist!

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