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6 Things Every One Direction Fan Needs To Know About Joy Division

When we saw One Direction member Louis Tomlinson wearing a Joy Division "Love Will Tear Us Apart" T-shirt at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards last Sunday, we couldn't help but give him a little side-eye action. Have Joy Division joined Ramones as the go-to T-shirt to express how edgy and rebellious you are?

Here is Louis Tomlinson of One Direction rocking his Joy Division tee at the VMAs.

1) "Love Will Tear Us Apart" is an undisputed classic.

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This haunting ode to human heartache was the crowning moment in Joy Division's brief, yet legendary career. The 1979 song was the last single recorded by the British post-punk band and, for obvious reasons, hailed as a legend.

So good. You'll want to hear it again, and again.

2) The band's name has a naughty connotation.

3) The album art alone for Unknown Pleasures has a cult following.

The iconic image also translates into one epic back tattoo.

4) Joy Division's only two studio albums are really, really good.

Their debut Unknown Pleasures is like taking a darkside journey through time, space, and despair...

All ten songs are stone-cold landmarks.

...but it'll make you dance.

Their second and last album, Closer is a knockout as well.

Just. Listen.

And you'll dance some more...

5) Lead singer Ian Curtis met a tragic fate.

R.I.P. Ian :'(

The last song Curtis performed on stage was "Digital."

Listen to this haunting taping of his last performance with Joy Division on May 2, 1980, at High Hall of Birmingham University.

6) From the ashes of Joy Division rose New Order.

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After Ian Curtis' death, the remaining members of Joy Division triumphed over tragedy and emerged as New Order. The new band's embrace for electronic, disco, and synthesizers made them into one of the most acclaimed acts of the '80s and on.

Even 30 years later, they still sound amazing as ever.

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Damn, they've still got it.

Check out Joy Division's playlist on YouTube for more of their awesome videos.

View this video on YouTube

And listen to their complete discography here: