Daniel Radcliffe Surprised Fans At A Movie Theater And It Was Glorious

“Is this real life??”

1. Fans thought they were doing an interview about Daniel Radcliffe’s new movie. They had no idea he was there in person to surprise them… / Via BuzzFeedVideo

2. After a screening of Daniel’s new movie / Via BuzzFeedVideo

3. Superfans were asked to do an interview…

BuzzFeedVideo / Via

4. They had no idea Daniel was hiding in the back.

BuzzFeedVideo / Via

5. When he came out of hiding, their reactions were perfect…

BuzzFeedVideo / Via
BuzzFeedVideo / Via
BuzzFeedVideo / Via

8. And the whole thing was pretty heartwarming.

BuzzFeedVideo / Via
BuzzFeedVideo / Via

10. Even the video crew couldn’t stop smiling.

BuzzFeedVideo / Via

11. Daniel Radcliffe = the best.

BuzzFeedVideo / Via

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