15 Things Every Fresher Needs To Know

“So what do you study?”

1. Firstly, embrace the full Freshers’ Week experience.

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2. Know that you’ll meet a varied bunch of people, including those with different hygiene standards to you.

3. And some who are simply awesome.

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4. Just be prepared to answer the same question again and again.

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“So, where are you from?”

5. Be realistic about your reading list.

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6. Accept that you will eat a Rustlers. And that you will then talk about it.

7. Embrace your loan.

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8. Meet Sainsbury’s basics, aka your new best friend.

9. Resist the urge to steal a traffic cone.

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10. And try not to fret about the milk.

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11. Be prepared to expand your mind.

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12. Allow your area of study to overlap into your social life.

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13. Don’t forget to bring an extension cord.

14. And remember that Google is your friend.

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15. Seriously.

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