The Best Celebrity Memes Of 2013

Everything that made us laugh the most this year.

1. Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal


2. Beyoncé At The Super Bowl

Chris Graythen / Getty Images

Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

Ezra Shaw / Getty Images


3. Michelle Williams At The Super Bowl

The Frogman / thefrogman.me

5. Miley Cyrus Twerking On Famous Paintings

Jen Lewis / buzzfeed.com

6. Kim Kardashian’s Couch Dress


7. Scarlett Johansson Falling Down

8. Peeta Knocked Over Jennifer Lawrence

10. The True Inspiration For Lady Gaga’s “Applause” Single


11. The Smith Family Reacts

12. “Bound 2” And Its Parodies.


13. Justin Bieber’s Pet Monkey


14. Wrecking Ball

Funny or Die / FunnyorDie.com / Via rhyse.ca

15. Guy Has Good Franco Face

19. Beyoncé’ Takes A Selfie With A Fan


20. Beyonce’s Hair Gets Caught In A Fan


21. World’s Longest Interview

22. Cereal Brands If They Were Sponsored By Rappers


23. Is Johnny Depp A Mailman?


25. Celebrity Face Swaps

James Devaney / FilmMagic


26. Gisele Getting Ready


28. Bruce Jenner’s Ponytail

29. Bruce Jenner’s Sex Change

32. Other Celebrities Dressing As Miley Cyrus


34. Nick Jonas’s Arms

35. Hugh Jackman’s Arms

INI / FAMEFLYNET PICTURES / Via buzzfeed.com

36. Mary Kate Olsen’s Older Boyfriend

James Devaney / WireImage

James Devaney / WireImage


39. Chris Pratt’s Abs

40. Kanye’s Croissants

Mr. GIF / mr-gif.com

42. (Some Probably Too Much)

43. Nic Cage As Disney Princesses

Jen Lewis / buzzfeed.com

44. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack Nicholson Eyebrows


45. Justin Timberlake Doing Taylor Swift’s “Surprise” Face.

American Music Awards / vulture.com / Via buzzfeed.com

47. Micahel Shannon Reads The Insane Sorority Letter


48. The Current State Of Destiny’s Child

49. Amanda Bynes Calling People Ugly

Getty Images / Jesse Grant

Getty Images / Frederick M. Brown


50. Amanda Bynes Calling Drake Ugly

Getty Images / Frederick M. Brown

51. Drakeula

Juane Reyes / thejuanreyes.com

52. Alison Brie Acts Out Popular Memes

Made Man / buzzfeed.com


53. Mariah Carey’s blinged out arm slings.

Laura Cavanaugh / Getty Images

Andrew Kelly / Reuters

James Devaney / FilmMagic


54. Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Feet

55. Ellen’s Halloween costume.


56. How To Make A Mackelmore

57. Fighting With Paparazzi


TMZ / tmz.com


58. Ryan Cabrera’s Tattoo Of Ryan Gosling

FPA / FAMEFLYNET PICTURES / Via buzzfeed.com

60. Bill Cosby Does His Own Makeup

61. Definitive Proof That James And Dave Franco Are Brothers

Jimmy Kimmel Live / prettyoungworld.tumblr.com


63. Old Hollywood Snapchats

64. Joe Jonas’ Dog

65. Justin Bieber Getting Hit With A Water Bottle


66. Harry Styles Getting Hit In The Nuts


67. Pop Star Powerpuff Girls

68. The Single Best Quote From Princesses: Long Island

71. Julianne Moore’s Toes

Getty Images / Via buzzfeed.com

72. Perez Hilton Troll Vine

73. Ciara Getting Served

74. Hulk Hemsworth

Darlene Hammond/Hulton Archive / Getty Images (Hulk) // Jonathan Leibson / Getty Images(Hemsworth) / Via buzzfeed.com

75. Drunk Ron Weasley


76. Kim Richards Loves Turtles

77. Draw Scott Disick Like One Of Your French Girls


79. Ben Affleck’s Beard

Stuart Wilson / Getty Images

80. There’s Only One Brand Now And That’s Family

81. Lady Gaga’s Wig Snatching

82. Miley’s Shade


83. Dianna Agron’s Shade


84. Leonardo Dicaprio Flying

Photograph by Splash News, Animation by John Gara for BuzzFeed / Via buzzfeed.com

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