How Ciara Got Served In The Middle Of Her Performance In 5 Easy Steps

In five simple steps.

1. Step 1: Sing so passionately that your entire body moves.

It’s LA Pride and you better bring it.

ID: 1253081

2. Step 2: Be drawn to the hand of an audience member that is reaching out to you.

Remember: You’re really caught up in the emotion of your song.

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3. Step 3: Accidentally latch onto the piece of paper that is thrust into your hand instead.

What is this?

ID: 1253085

4. (A slow-motion replay)

ID: 1253087

5. Step 4: Continue singing while trying to figure out what the document actually is.

Legal documents?! Oh nooooooooo!

ID: 1253090

6. Step 5: Realize that you’re being served, drop the papers, and walk away like a BOSS.

As one does.

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7. Watch the entire video here:

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