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6 Texts To Copy And Paste To Break Up With Your S.O.

Not in love with your S.O.? Wanna break up but don’t wanna write the text? We’re here for you. Not in love with your carrier? We’re still here for you. —Virgin Mobile

Should You Break Up With Your S.O.?

National Breakup Day is February 13. Find out if you should cut your (in)significant other loose before you spend all your guap on fancy champagne and hot air balloon rides. — Virgin Mobile

50 Thoughts We Had Watching The "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Trailer

Mr. Grey will see you now. UH OH, UH OH, UH OH, OH NO NOVirgin Mobile

17 People Who Can't Go Through It Alone

We all go through puberty. But we didn't all choose to go through it on social media. We're here for you — Virgin Mobile

15 Food Instagrams That Are So Bad They’re Actually Works Of Art

In the words of Cher Horowitz, these babies are full-on Monets, "from far away, it's OK, but up close, it's a big old mess." As if! — Virgin Mobile

15 People Who Are Just Asking For It

You are watching Law & Order: SMVU — Social Media Victims Unit. DUN DUN! — Virgin Mobile.

17 People Who Are Also Looking For A Summer Job

It's OK. You're not the only one reading this post instead of looking for a job. ;) You're in good company — Virgin Mobile.

1 Totally Legitimate Reason Your Crush Hasn't Texted You Back

Nothing burns more than texting your crush and not receiving anything back. Well... almost nothing. Never wonder with Virgin Mobile.

Here's What Happens When You Invite Your Tinder Matches To Your Family's Summer BBQ

Tinder... a true testament to our freedom of speech. Happy birthday, 'Merica! — Virgin Mobile.

12 Things You Can Definitely Tell About Your Sig Other By Their Phone

The iPhone is the window to the soul. Much Love — Virgin Mobile.

The 24 Thirstiest People On Instagram

Not drinking your drink is the new drinking your drink. Much Love — Virgin Mobile.

18 Moments That Needed A Screenshot

Had to shoot that screen tho. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

17 Times The Rich Kids Of Snapchat Ruined Everything

The 1% ruin it for the rest of us. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

20 Times You Definitely Swiped Left

The bar has been set very, very low. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

16 Of The Most Helpful Online Reviews

The mobile community can be so helpful sometimes. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

15 Reasons To Keep Your Camera Phone Ready This Summer

Life happens fast - you got to be quick on the draw. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

14 Of The Worst Things To Ever Happen On A Phone

The mobile life has its challenges. Much Love - Virgin Mobile