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17 People Who Can't Go Through It Alone

We all go through puberty. But we didn't all choose to go through it on social media. We're here for you β€” Virgin Mobile

1. The guy who's definitely not crying.

2. The boy who we can all relate to tbh.

3. This #ratchet #bootycall.

4. The boy who's blue (da ba dee da ba die).

5. And his friend who's red (da ba lol da ba why?).

6. The guy who crossed Carole.

7. The guy we should probably keep away from Emma.

8. Emma?

9. The boy whose word we'd rather take for it.

10. The guy who only does this sometimes.

11. The girl who you know pulls this shit all the time.

12. The girl who's failing this test.

13. The guy who doesn't get why she keeps leaving him.

14. This girl who's putting all of her emotions out there.

15. The guy who was putting off watching The Notebook.

16. The girl who just watched it again.

17. And the guy who's got 99 problems, and a bitch is every single one of them.

There, there. Virgin Mobile is here for you.