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Here's What Happens When You Invite Your Tinder Matches To Your Family's Summer BBQ

Tinder... a true testament to our freedom of speech. Happy birthday, 'Merica! — Virgin Mobile.

So we swiped right and invited all of our Tinder matches to our families' 4th of July BBQs!

Naturally, some people were a little taken aback by our offer...

...upset that they didn't know who we were or what we looked like right now.

Wanting to take things slowly...

...proving that there are still gentlemen on the World Wide Web (of love).

Many of our matches were concerned for their well-being.

Some addressed their social concerns.

Others were concerned for our safety.

And one had us concerned for our own safety.

Speaking of no thank you...

Some of our matches weren't interested in wholesome 4th of July family fun.

They offered to bring their own meat to the BBQ.

We're all good on the meat, thanks.

So nasty.

And so rude.

And just as we were about to give up hope...

...a few of our matches actually surprised us!


Independence Day is all about the fireworks. ;)

Tinder content courtesy of BuzzFeed